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The Home of Amateur Radio in New Zealand

Dedicated to Amateur radio since 1926, NZART is the a non-profit association of amateur radio operators in New Zealand and founding member of Region 3 of the IARU.

Special Stations celebrate a special milestone

On 22 May 1924 Ivan O’Meara 2AC in Gisborne made the first radio contact across the Pacific Ocean. Messages were exchanged with Carlos Braggio CB8 in Bernal near Buenos Aires, Argentina - a world record distance of over 10,000 km. This contact took the scientific world by surprise because, at that time, it was thought that the shortwave frequencies used were unsuited for long distance radio communications. Gisborne Branch of NZART will commemorate this historic milestone by hosting an open day at their radio room on Saturday 18 th May. The branch will be using the special call sign ZL100AC to contact Argentinian stations during the week 18 to 24 May on SSB, CW and FT8. Local amateurs are welcome to contact ZL100AC when no DX is being worked. The Radio Club Argentina’s local club in Bernal is the Radio Club Quilmes, who will be operating a special station LQ4D on the 18 th and 19 th of May (Argentinian time). They will be using all modes on the 40 metre and 10 metre bands. ZLs who work LQ4D can obtain a commemorative QSL by following the instructions on the LQ4D page of QRZ.com.

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