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New Zealand's Bi-Monthly magazine on Amateur Radio

The Home of Amateur Radio in New Zealand

Dedicated to Amateur radio since 1928, NZART is the a non-profit association of amateur radio operators in New Zealand and founding member of Region 3 of the IARU.

Latest News and Updates

18 October 2020

InfoLine 419 has just been published

InfoLine issue 419 is online now. You can subscribe to InfoLine and get it directly in your inbox as well.
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12 October 2020

September 2020 Council minutes online

NZART Council minutes from the September 2020 meeting have been added to the online minutes archive.
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09 October 2020

InfoLine 418 has just been published

InfoLine issue 418 is online now. You can subscribe to InfoLine and get it directly in your inbox as well.
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01 October 2020

Join NZART today!

There is no better time to join or re-join NZART for the 2021 year. This rebate applies only to current financial members of NZART up to and including those joining before 1 October 2020 (i.e. 30 September 2020 is the last day to join, to take advantage of rebate for the 2021 year). *** Terms and Conditions apply ***
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27 September 2020

The September 2020 Official broadcast posted

The September NZART broadcast is now online in MP3 format for online listening.
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22 September 2020

NZART Headquarters: Level 1 OPEN

The office is now OPEN to all visitors including personal visits. This is based upon on the Governments decision to return at COVID-19 Level 1 (announced 21 September 2020) for all of New Zealand except the Auckland region (Level 2).
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12 September 2020

UPDATED: Repeater Maps 2020

UPDATED: Repeater Maps 2020 have been updated and uploaded. As no Call Book will produced this year, the intention is to not only have the Repeater Maps available online but also to print them in the September/October 2020 issue of Break-In.
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09 September 2020

LandSAR and AREC sign a new MOU

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC) proud to announce that over weekend of 5/6 September 2020, Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AREC for the provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) support services.
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07 September 2020

UPDATED: Conference Organiser's Handbook 2020

UPDATED: Conference Organiser's Handbook published in 2020 by NZART Council giving guidance to a branch wishing to organise the annual conference, it's provided here for reference purposes. This document came into effect on Sunday 6 September 2020. And replaces the Conference Organiser's Handbook from 2009, and before that the A-to-Z Handbook.
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05 September 2020

UPDATE: NZART AGM 2020 - Wellington

UPDATE: NZART AGM 2020 - Wellington. Some updates from the recent AGM today. Thank you for those who physically attended today plus those on ZOOM.
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