A printable copy of the current band plan (updated April 2024) is available in PDF by clicking on the thumbnail to the right.

2 m/70 cm Band Plan

The 2 m/70 cm Review was completed in September 2022 and has been updated into the full Band Plan PDF.

Download a copy of the 2 m/70 cm Band Plan from this link.

33 cm Band Plan

NZART Council at their 6 July 2021 meeting approved the final version of the 33 cm Band Plan.

Download a copy of the 33 cm Band Plan from this link.

NZ Fixed Stations

For details of fixed Amateur Radio stations in New Zealand,  go to the Repeater and Beacons maps page.

HF Band Usage 80 m to 10 m 

A detailed page on HF band usage is available on this page which was curated by Mark ZL3AB and Gary ZL2IFB.

New Zealand Bandplans Notes 

  1. These bandplans are to ensure that your transmissions do not impose problems on other operators and that their transmissions do not impact on you. It is to the advantage of all operators that the published bandplans be respected.
  2. The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) defines the band limits, while the internal band segments are derived from the IARU Region 3 bandplans with New Zealand adaptations.
    See: https://www.iaru-r3.org/on-the-air/band-plans/
  3. The band frequency limits are found in the Radio Communications Regulations (General User Radio License for Amateur Radio Operators) and on the NZART Web site below, under the heading, Additional Note Regarding Other Bands.
  4. The IARU Region 3 bandplans, developed to meet international requirements, are at the IARU Region 3 web site.
    See: https://www.iaru-r3.org/on-the-air/band-plans/

Additional Note Regarding Other Bands

  1. Two spot frequencies near 5 MHz are available for use by the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC). Special conditions apply.
    See: 2009 - Access by NZ Radio Amateurs to Spot Frequencies Near 5 MHz
  2. Access to the band 614 to 622 MHz for Amateur Television (ATV) repeater use and for other purposes has special conditions which are administered by ELG.
    See: 2006 - Operating on the 614 - 622 MHz band
  3. 60 m (5 MHz) access details can be found on the 60m Band Access page.

Last Updated: 14 April 2024