The objectives of NZART are:

  1. The encouragement of recruits into the Amateur Radio movement
  2. The provision of guidance and instruction in radio technique and operating
  3. The promotion, organisation, and conduct of activities on a national and local basis to achieve high standards in the skills involved in Amateur Radio
  4. The publication of an Official Journal
  5. Making known the merits of Amateur Radio in the community and nation
  6. Representing the interest of Amateur Radio
    1. with the Administration responsible for radio services, and
    2. with other official authorities both national and international, controlling conditions for Amateur Radio activities
  7. Collaborating with the National Amateur Radio Societies of other countries in the interests of world progress in Amateur Radio
  8. Taking any actions regarding the international regulations of radio, to safeguard Amateur Radio interests
  9. The organising and provision of communication services for the authorities as required, and
  10. Taking such other action which in the opinion of the Executive Council is consistent with these objects.

Last Updated: 27 February 2020