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New Zealand welcomes visiting licensed radio amateurs

The New Zealand Administration, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Radio Spectrum Management group (RSM), has provided a "General User Radio Licence" (GURL) for short-term visiting (90 days) amateur radio operators.

Paragraph 7 states:

7. Terms, conditions and restrictions applying to visiting amateur operators

  1. Persons visiting New Zealand who hold a current amateur certificate of competency, authorisation or licence issued by another administration, may operate an amateur station in New Zealand for a period not exceeding 90 days, provided the certificate, authorisation or licence meets the requirements of Recommendation ITU-R M.1544 or CEPT T/R 61-01 or CEPT T/R 61-02 and is produced at the request of the chief executive.
  2.The visiting overseas operator must use the national callsign allocated by the other administration to the operator, in conjunction with the prefix or suffix “ZL”, except where subsection (3) applies, which is to be separated from the national callsign by the character “/” (telegraphy), or the word “stroke” (telephony).
  3.The visiting overseas operator may use the prefix or suffix:
    a. ZL7 when visiting the Chatham Islands
    b. ZL8 when visiting the Kermadec Islands
    c. ZL9 when visiting the Sub-Antarctic Islands

Things to note:

  • Under this provision, no application needs be made.
  • You must have your home licence with you and it must be current for the time of your visit
  • No fee is charged (it's FREE!)

What do I need?

A copy of the New Zealand licensing conditions.

Download and read the current GURL from the RSM website and read through it. It gives you the licence requirements and the operating information you need. Read it carefully and please make sure that your home licence complies.

Visiting New Zealand For Over 90 Days

Visiting radio amateurs wishing to operate for a longer periods may need to obtain a New Zealand licence.

Details on how to obtain an amateur license are available are on the RSM website

Need more information?

If you have any other questions, please contact NZART HQ for assistance.

Last Updated: 29 February 2020