Click on the images below to view the full sized maps in JPEG format.

If applying for a new repeater, beacon or fixed link then use the ELG - Repeater, Beacons and Fixed Links Application Form

Things to note about the maps:

  • 6 m and 2 m Repeaters are included in the 'VHF' maps.
  • Due to the number of repeaters in a small area making the map difficult to draw for the Wellington area there is a separate map for that area of the country.
  • To save the maps once open use the right-button on your mouse and select 'Save image as'
  • On a touch screen device like a phone or tablet you can touch-and-hold to get the same option when looking at the larger images.
  • These maps were updated in September 2023.

North Island VHF
North Island VHF Map
South Island VHF
South Island VHF Map
North Island UHF
North Island UHF Map
South Island UHF
South Island UHF Map

North Island Data/Digital
North Island Data/Digital Map
South Island Data/Digital
South Island Data/Digital Map
Wellington Region
Wellington Region Map
National System
National System Map

Beacons Map

Last Updated: 14 April 2024