An election for the President and Executive Council of NZART is held every two years.

The next election for the 2023-25 years is now completed. As there were insufficient nominations for all positions, those nominated are all elected on to the new NZART Council which takes over after the Saturday AGM of Conference.

Results are:


Daniel Vandenberg ZL2DRV

North Island Councillors (two required):

Warren Harris ZL2AJ
Phil Garside ZL2RO
Don Wallace ZL2TLL

South Island Councillors (two required):

Ian MacPherson ZL3TAO
David Mulder ZL4DK

From anywhere within New Zealand (two required):


The Constitution reads as follows:

Part 3 Management and Control of the Association

3.iv. Six Executive Councillors with a minimum of two Councillors who reside in the North Island and a minimum of two Councillors who reside in the South Island. If there are insufficient candidates nominated from either island then the remaining councillors may reside anywhere in New Zealand. The remaining two positions are made up of members from anywhere in New Zealand who obtained the highest votes are elected to council (subject to clause Schedule A 1 c).

Based on the nominations received I believe that those nominated above are elected to Council and that the incoming Council will fill the vacant Councillor position as a casual vacancy.

3.7 e. Any vacancy so created is a casual vacancy and the position is to be filled by the unsuccessful candidate from the election immediately prior, with the next highest votes. If the candidate is unable to take up office, the next unsuccessful candidate shall be offered the role. Where no candidates are available to take the position, a member eligible for the office may be appointed to fill the position until the next executive council takes office. Any executive position not filled at an election, is deemed a casual vacancy under this clause.

  1. For the avoidance of doubt, if a councillor relocates residence to the other island, they may continue to serve their term.

Evan Sayer
Returning Officer
4 January 2023

The election is formally announced no later than the 1st of September the previous year with Nominations closing on the 31st of December, with the election taking place prior to the NZART Annual Conference in the year of the election.

You can read more about the election procedure here, or in full detail in the NZART Constitution.

If you have any questions about the election process contact NZART Headquarters.