The NZART Memorial Contest has been held every year since 1946 to commemorate those New Zealand amateur radio operators who lost their lives in World War 2.

The contest is held every year on the Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend of July.

The 2021 Memorial contest dates are 3rd and 4th of July.


Results from previous years contests are under the link to the right, or by clicking here.


A full copy or the rules in PDF format is available in PDF format to right.

1. When

Saturday & Sunday of the first weekend in July each year

2000 – 2300 NZST

Three one-hourly operating periods each evening.

2. Band

80m only - A station may be contacted twice during each operating period – once on SSB and once on CW, provided that
contacts are not consecutive.

3. Operator Categories

  • Mixed mode - SSB and CW
  • CW only
  • SSB only

4. Exchange

RS(T) report plus a three digit serial number starting at 001 for the first contact and incrementing by one for each subsequent contact.

5. Scoring

A. Contact Points:
  SSB - One point per contact
  CW - Two points per contact
B. Multipliers:
  Each different ZL, VK or South Pacific callsign prefix worked on SSB and CW is a multiplier.
C. Claimed Score:
  This should be the sum of the contact points multiplied by the number of different multiplier
worked on each mode.

6. Logs

This contest is fully supported by N1MM Logger and VKCL Log. In addition some operators have used and generated cabrillo logs using TR4W or Xlog software.

Electronic logs in cabrillo format are preferred, but other plain text, MS-Word or MS-Excel formats or even paper logs will be accepted if they comply with the sample printable PDF log sheet which is available on the NZART web site.

7. Summary Sheet

These are required for all non-cabrillo format logs. A sample summary sheet is available in PDF format to the right. These must be completed and attached or accompany all non-cabrillo format logs.

8. Log Submissions:

By email as attachments: to

Paper logs (if any!) should be posted to NZART Contest Manager, 8 Manu Crescent, New Plymouth 4310. Logs should arrive no later than 31 July.

Last Updated: 16 June 2021