The NZ Women Amateur Radio Operators group, which was formed in 1962 by a group of enthusiastic Women Operators (YLs) who could see a growing need for an organisation to meet their special requirements at a time when there were few women licensed and on the air.

You may not be a Licencsd Amateur Radio Operator, but if your interest lies in this field you are welcome to become an Associate Member of WARO, thus ensuring involvement in this absorbing hobby in your own way.

You can find out more about WARO on their website:

WARO in recess.

After the WARO Executive meeting this month (April 2020) there was a motion passed that WARO goes into recess until we can meet at a full NZART AGM to discuss the future of WARO.

This was seconded and agreed by the Executive Committee.

Therefore, WARO is now in recess until the AGM being held in Napier 2021, where a Special General Meeting will be held not an AGM.

Executive Committee positions will remain the same until then.

Subs do not need to be paid this year.

Finances will be maintained and held by the Treasurer, until the meeting in Napier.

The reason behind the recess is self-explanatory, due to the lack or no support from our members this leaves us no alternative.

There will no longer be a WARO page in the Break-In Stay safe and take care.

WARO Executive Committee

Last Updated: 11 June 2024