These are awards that are announced at NZART Annual Conference.

Amateur of the Year

In recognition of outstanding service to Amateur radio in the calendar year prior to conference.

Arthur (Jumbo) Godfrey Award

Awarded to Amateurs who have made an outstanding contribution to Amateur radio at the Branch or club level.

Rothschild Cup

Awarded to the Branch or club who attracted the highest number of new members to the hobby in the previous year.

Stirrers Award

As the name implies, awarded to the biggest stirrer at Conference each year.

Young Amateur of The Year Award

Awarded to young an upcoming members of the Amateur community who made a notable contribution to Amateur Radio.

Youth Achievement Award

The Youth Achievement award is given to the best Exam result for a junior member.

Exam 100% Achievement Award

Awarded to New members, Junior, or not so Junior who achieve a 100% pass mark in the Amateur exam.

Last Updated: 11 June 2023