NZART is an association of individual members, however those members are encouraged to get together and form local Branches which are associated with NZART.

The NZART Council is the elected executive group charged with managing the affairs of the organisation.

For the purposes of election of the executive council and other voting the country is split into two geographical districts, consisting of the North Island and the South Island.

NZART Council consists of six Executive Councillors with a minimum of two Councillors who reside in the North Island and a minimum of two Councillors who reside in the South Island. If there are insufficient candidates nominated from either island then the remaining councillors may reside anywhere in New Zealand. 

The business of NZART is entrusted to an elected President, and an elected Executive Council.

The Executive Council is made up of:

  • Minimum of two (2) elected Councillors from the North Island
  • Minimum of two (2) elected Councillors from the South Island
  • And two (2) elected Councillors from either North or South Island
  • A Vice-President is elected from within the Executive Council.
  • The office of President and Council is for a two-year term.

Along side the President and Councillors a number of Volunteers fill 'Officers' roles to manage various parts of the NZART functions.  You can find a list of Officers on the contact pages.

Last Updated: 10 November 2023