NZART has commenced a review of the 2 m and 70 cm band plans to refresh them with the various modes available today, and to ensure that interference between different groups is minimised.

We are seeking volunteers/representatives that use 2 m and 70 cm from the following groups:

- Weak Signal/Long Distance/DX users (including beacons and EME)
- VHF/UHF Contesters
- Satellite users
- Digital (PC to PC) users (including fixed station licence holders and APRS)
- Digital voice users (including simplex and hotspot users)

A member from ELG will also be invited to attend from a technical standpoint, and myself from council from a governance stand point.

It is expected the review should take three months, and be completed before the AGM in September.

The goal is to ensure the band plans accommodate the various uses without interference, and are robust to last into the future.

For Stage 1 we seek volunteers from the various groups above. If you would like to be part of the band plan review team, please email with a personal introduction and overview of your area of expertise.

Please submit this no later than 5:00 pm of the 20 May 2022 to be considered.

Volunteers will be expected to reach out to their groups with the draft plans and provide feedback from the various groups to the review team during the review process.

Warren Harris ZL2AJ
NZART Councillor
Band Plan Review Chairman