Amateur radio contest are a way of testing out your skills in not just radio operation!

Field day contests challenge operators to take their gear into the field and set up in sometimes difficult locations and establish a station quickly and make contacts the length of the country and further abroad.

Microwave contests in the VHF and up world challenge the technical boundaries of UHF and EHF communications not just for Amateurs but often exceeding the capabilities of commercial installations.

This page provides contest results, and will contain material when new contests appear, or major changes are announced.

Check out the NZART Contest calendar for dates, and the links to the right provide information and rules for the various contests run by NZART and it's branches.

NZART Council appointed Geoff Clark ZL3GA to the position of NZART Contest Manager at it's 6 October 2021 meeting. Geoff took over the role from Frank Hunt ZL2BR (SK) who retired due to ill health after 11 years service in the role.

Geoff can be contacted via email

Last Updated: 09 October 2022