Updated 8 January 2022: ZL Amateur Radio Beacons 2022 have been updated plus their active status is available online. Please check these PDF's for accuracy and report to the VHF Records Coordinator any mistakes you see, via email to John ZL2TWS vhfrecords@nzart.org.nz.

Final version is now online, as updates are are now closed for comments.

Click on the image to the right to view the full sized spreadsheets in PDF format.

Things to note about the maps:

  • ZL Beacons are listed as Active or Not Active by Frequency Listing.
  • ZL Beacons are listed as On Air - Active or Non Active Status by area location.
  • On a touch screen device like a phone or tablet you can touch-and-hold to get the same option when looking at the larger images.
  • These beacon listings were updated 8 January 2022.

Last Updated: 08 January 2022