• For amateur radio stations to contact as many other amateur radio stations as possible within the 1 hour time limit
  • To improve operator skills
  • To have fun!


Results are published under the side-menu link to the right, or by clicking here.


1. When

Each Tuesday in April (Autumn) and July (for 2024) (Winter) 8pm-9pm NZT

  • 8:00pm-8:29pm NZT) CW only 
  • 8:30pm-9:00pm NZT) SSB only

2. Band


3. Operator Category

Single Operator, one transmitted signal only, assistance allowed and one of:

  • Open - 100W maximum CW/SSB (by convention, select "Low" power in your contest logger)
  • QRP - up to 5W CW or 10W SSB

4. Mode Categories

  • Mixed mode - SSB and CW
  • CW only
  • SSB only

5. Exchange

RS(T) report and Outside Temperature to the nearest degree. You can get the temperature from the Metservice website, put a thermometer outside, or take the predicted overnight low from the newspaper/radio. Failing all that, your best estimate.  Once you start, don't change it.   On CW use “m” to denote a minus if the temperature is below zero.

6. Scoring

One point per contact CW or SSB. You can work a station once in the CW section and once in the SSB section.

NOTE: There are no multipliers.

The final score is the sum of the contact points.

7. Suggested Frequencies

  • CW 3520-3550 kHz
  • SSB 3630-3660 kHz

8. No QSY rule

You do not need to move frequency after you call CQ and work a station.  However in the spirit of robust competition it is expected no one will simply sit on one frequency for the duration of the sprint.

9. Example QSOs




ZL3AB:  ZL3XYZ 599 m1

ZL3XYZ: 599 5




ZL3AB:  CQ ZL3AB Contest


ZL3AB:  ZL3XYZ 59 minus 1

ZL3XYZ: 59 5

ZL3AB:  Thank you ZL3AB Contest

Note you may need to use phonetics depending on band conditions and strength of signal

10. Logs

Only logs in electronic format are acceptable.  Cabrillo format is preferred however ADIF, plain text, a word document or excel spreadsheet will be accepted.  As a minimum the log must contain: 

  • Callsign
  • Name of operator
  • Claimed Score
  • Incredibly witty Soapbox comment or failing that feedback on what you liked and didn’t like about the sprint.

Download the UDC file for N1MM+ Logger here. Unzip into the This PC/Documents/N1MM Logger+/UserDefinedContests folder.

11. Log Submissions

By email only to markzl3ab@gmail.com within 24 hours of the end of the sprint.  Results will be sent out on the major email reflectors and published here.

12. Change Log

10 July 2023

  • Changed power to 100W Maximum to align with other NZART Contests

June 2022

  • First release of the rules

December 2022

  • Altered to incorporate the Autmn Sprints

Last Updated: 20 April 2024