UPDATE: 6 May 2023

NZART has been advised that RSM are in the process of updating the GURL. There is no need for NZART to again to apply to renew the current licence.

Until such time as the new GURL is published and gazetted then the current rules still apply and must be adhered to.

If you do not have a Sub-Licence then you still need to apply for one. Once RSM publish the new GURL a Sub-Licence will no longer apply.

NZART ALO also requested an increase in power, but this was declined.


60 m Sub Licence 

NZART is now waiting on RSM to update the GURL so that the 60 m Sub Licence is no longer required. Until such time at this occurs the 60 m Sub Licence has been renewed for a further twelve months from 5 May 2022 to 4 May 2023. All existing Sub Licence holders do not need to re-apply for the 2022/23 licence. If you are new to this band then you need to complete the 2022 PDF below and forward to NZART HQ.

Amateurs are secondary users in this band. These frequencies are, or may be, allocated for use by other services. Amateur operators must accept interference from, and must not cause interference to, such other services.

For a full list of FAQ's please click here PDF for download.

To download the new Sub-Licence Application please click here PDF for download.

Once completed, please scan and email to NZART HQ nzart@nzart.org.nz.

Once acknowledged by return email, you can begin operation. Also attached are the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which you are strongly encouraged to read to ensure you stay within the terms of your sub-licence. 

One your acknowledgement is received your callsign and name will be listed on the sub-licence holders list linked to the right.  (See the FAQ)

NZART President Mark ZL2UFI

NB - Please make sure your application is clear and legible, and is returned electronically in a PDF file format. Please DO NOT take a photo of it sitting on your desk, this is too hard to read. 

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Last Updated: 06 May 2023