• 2022 - 1. Best Technical Article: Designing a fox by Alan Page ZL3UJY.
               2. Best General Article: Craig Crawford ZL3TLB for several well researched articles and fillers.
               3. Best Columnist: Geoff Clark ZL3GA for his enthusiastic columnist contribution.
               4. Long Service: Simon Watt-Wyness ZL1SWW for eleven years as a columnist.

  • 2021 - 1. Best Technical Article: Building a 40-15-10 m Dipole - November/December 2021 - Graeme Jury ZL2APV.
               2. Best General Article: A Ham Radio Mountain Ultramarathon in Banks Peninsula - September/October 2021
                   - Chris Rae ZL4RA.
               3. Best Columnist: Murray Greenman ZL1BPU(SK) – for his Digitalmodes Column.
  • 2020 - 1. Best Technical Article: Improved Performance for the Si5351 VFO or Signal Generator  -
                   July/Aug 2020 - Murray Greenman ZL1BPU.
               2. Best General Article:  Amateur Radio should be concerned about Wireless Power Transfer
                   - July/August 2020 John Moriarty ZL2JPM.
               3. Best Columnist: For his regular "Milestones" and the independent mention of the assassination
                   of the Pacific Coast Watchers and the more cheerful  "H-nights (1945)" in the Nov/Dec 2020
                   – Craig Crawford ZL3TLB.
  • 2019 - 1. Best Technical Article: – Holger Hannemann ZL3IO - for “HF Terrain Analysis Parts 1 & 2”
                   - May/June and July/August.
               2. Best General Article: Soren Low ZL1SKL - for “UTC Rollover, an excuse for a SOTA Adventure!”
                  - January/February.
               3. Best Columnist: John Martin ZL1GWE - for his Monitoring Service Co-ordinator Column.
  • 2018 - 1. Best Technical Article: – Murray Greenman ZL1BPU – A Way to Get Started on 630 metres
                   – in four parts throughout 2018.
               2. Best General Interest Article: – Xenia Berger ZL4YL for her Youth Officer Report
                  – for her articles throughout the year.
               3. Best Columnist Article: – Mark Sullivan ZL3AB – for his CQDX Column throughout the
                   year and the previous years.
  • 2017 - 1. Best Technical Article: – Peter Mulhare ZL2IK for his article on QRSS, a low power mode for HF and LF
                   – September/October.
               2. Best General Interest Article: – Jim Reed ZL1LC for his article on Ham made QRM on the Digital Channels
                  – November/December.
               3. Best Columnist Article:  – Gary Bold ZL1AN – for his articles throughout the year and the
                   previous thirty odd years before!

  • 2016 - 1. Best Technical Article: – Holger Hannemann ZL3IO – for his two articles, first on Station Automation:
                   Switching Antenna’s September/October and Station Automation: Antenna Stack Match & Controller
               2. Best General Interest Article: – Douglas Birt ZL1BFS – for his articles throughout the year on
                   District Planning Matters.
               3. Best Columnist Article: – Murray Greenman ZL1BPU – for his Digitalmodes Column.

Initiative and Sponsorship

These awards initiative and sponsorship comes from NZART via the Break-In Editors Honorarium.

Winners of the Award are announced at Conference each year, Each winner receives a certificate and a book prize (RSGB or ARRL Handbook for examples).


The awards, recognise the effort put in by those submitting content for publication to Break-In, in the year preceding their reception of the award.

The awards are presented for content supplied from 1 January to 31 December of the preceding year (e.g. Awards presented in 2017 are for the 2016 year).

The Awards are for:

1. Best Technical Article 
2. Best General Interest Article
3. Best Columnist Article

The Break-In Editorial Team make the decision each year on the winners.

Last Updated: 12 June 2023