Every person wanting to supply radio transmitters in NZ must apply for a Licence to Supply Radio Transmitters, either as an individual or organisation. A supplier is any person in NZ who imports, manufactures, distributes, sells or installs electrical, electronic or radio products to the market. 

If the supplier also wants to supply unrestricted two-way radios described under the Prohibition Notice ‘“Unrestricted two-way radio notice 2018”, they must also apply to become a permitted person. Applying for a Licence to Supply and a permitted person is a two-step process. Please note that unrestricted radios can only be sold to qualified radio amateurs.

A permitted person will be obligated to follow the additional terms, conditions and restrictions outlined in their Licence to Supply. Permitted persons will be audited periodically for compliance with the licence. Failing to comply with the conditions of the licence may result in enforcement action.

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