The following is an outline of the exam procedure for both examiners and candidates.

If you are interested in becoming an Exam Supervisor for your local club check out the Exam Supervisors Application form page.

1) Supervisors: To do Some Time Before Conducting an Examination

2) Prior to the examination

The Blue ERN is a Branch specific numbered form, sent to the Principal Examination Supervisor, from the Examinations Coordinator at NZART headquarters. Please ensure you have this before commencing an exam.

Examination fee is $5.00 however the processing of the application and issue of a call sign and certificate costs $80.00.

If a student under the age of twenty five (25), there are no fees applicable, but tertiary students MUST provide a Student ID and be in full time study.

The candidate must provide suitable identification and, MUST supply a passport sized photograph for their certificate.

3)  Following the successful completion of an examination:

A. Examiners to do:

The examiners must complete the blue ERN (Examination Result Notification) form.

B. Candidates to do

The candidate must completely fill out a Callsign Application Form. This requires the candidate to nominate three (3) callsign's in order of preference, and the first one available will be given.

A passport sized photograph MUST be attached to the Call Sign Application before submitting to NZART Headquarters.

NOTE: Receive one year free membership to NZART (this applies to new amateurs and non-members only). Free membership to NZART is only available when using the NZART Question/Exam bank by branches of of NZART. Must advise preferred branch to be affiliated to. 


4) Notes

Examination $5.00 (to be retained by Branch to cover administrative costs)

Last Updated: 03 October 2022