The Annual NZART Conference is normally held over Kings Birthday Weekend by different branches around the country every year (although this changed to be within three months of this weekend, allowing for more flexibility).

The annual conference as well as conducting its annual general meeting, also involves voting on remits put before the membership. A full program of seminars and talks on topics as far ranging as Amateur satellites, antenna design to battery maintenance, as well as sub groups AGMs such as WARO, OTC, SPAMand AREC's forum and trainings sessions, etc.

Not only is conference the main formal gathering of ZL hams for the year it's an opportunity to for New Zealand Amateur Radio operators of all walks of life to come together with friends new and old.

To assist with organising a conference, NZART Council has prepared a Conference Organiser's Handbook (2020) - see the link to that page in the menu to the right.

The PDF is a small download and can assist to give you with the idea on what is required. Remember it is a guideline only. Any questions should be directed to NZART HQ.