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Break-In is the official journal of NZART and is published as a bi-monthly magazine.

May-June 2023 issue of Break-In

Break-In for May-June 2023
THIS MONTHS COVER: The photographs on the front cover are discussed on page 5 in the article "Photographs on the Front Cover."

Features in this issue are:


EME: the difficulties - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
GROTA update – Groundwave on 40m or 80m? Kelvin Barnsdale ZL3KB
The Summer Sporadic E Cycles - Bob Gyde ZL1NX


ZL Radio Codecracker - Graeme Hunt ZL1ANH
Rockall Expedition - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
FT8/FT4 – A practical alternative - for a small station Marcelo Toniolo ZL1MTO
100 Years of Radio Time Signals in NZ - Craig Crawford ZL3TLB
The ILLW and Lighthouse Awards - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
Specific Non-NZART Awards - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
Thoughts from a teen ham - James Reilly-Leadbetter ZL2TIN
Region 3 QRP Day - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
Choosing a general-purpose logger - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
Radials: a pragmatic installation experience - Chris Chapman VK3Q
A brief history of the Hamcram - Warren Harris ZL2AJ
Tuning a DX Commander - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
100th Anniversary – Call Signs - First Allocated Craig Crawford ZL3TLB
General Aspects of Operating - Awards Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
Effective use of screenshots - Philip Sharp ZL1PSH

NOTE: the next close off for Break-In is 10 July 2023, for the July/August 2023 issue.

A total of six issues a year are produced, with the first January/February distributed within the first week of February, and so on.

The close off dates for articles/advertising are:

  • 10 January for January/February issue.
  • 10 March for March/April issue.
  • 20 April for May/June issue. (produced to coincide with the AGM over Kings Birthday Weekend)
  • 10 July for July/August issue.
  • 10 September for September/October issue.
  • 10 November for November/December issue.

Each issue normally contains Technical and General articles of interest to amateur radio operators. Sometimes the articles are of a more general nature with some flavour of radio mixed into the article somewhere!

In addition, each issue contains a number of columns from various authors covering activities from AREC, DX, Satellites, QSL Bureau and more.

As the official journal Break-In contains information about the association, important news and announcements, AGM news and Remits plus the Annual Accounts. As magazine it has a wealth of information with many members having copies going back to the very first issue produced in January 1928!

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