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Break-In is the official journal of NZART and is published as a bi-monthly magazine.

September-October 2022 issue of Break-In

Break-In for November-December 2022.
THIS MONTHS COVER: Clockwise from top left. Selwyn Cathcart ZL2BJO's satellite setup (credit ZL2BJO). Mike Rupprecht DK3WN holding a CubeSat. Three CubeSats being launched from the ISS. The three CubeSats moving away from the ISS. (The last three photographs were supplied by Alan ZL2BX).
Features in this issue are:


Programming: Part 1 by Joe ZL1PMY
Updating software on a software defined CubeSat LEO satellite by Philip Sharp ZL1PSH


Ground wave experiments using WWII man pack radios. Part 3 by Kelvin Barnsdale ZL3KB
Discord Server by Tristan Crockett ZL1TC and Mike Enderby ZL4MDE
Spy on the Airwaves
100th Anniversary- British Broadcasting Corporation by Craig Crawford ZL3TLB
Book Review by Neville Marr ZL2BNE
Book Review: Thunderstruck - Erik Larson by Doug Beale ZL3DUG
Using a 48 set for a SOTA activation by K Barnsdale ZL3KB
NZART Portable Activity Day on New Year's Day 2023 by Mark Sullivan ZL3AB
Amateur of the Year 2021: Bob Vernall ZL2CA by Mark Gooding ZL2UFI
Updating software on a software defined CubeSat LEO satellite by Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
Repeater Maps
NZ Amateur Radio Band Plans
NZART Branch Directory
Photographs and Space by Philip Sharp ZL1PSH
What role does it have? by Philip Sharp ZL1PSH

NOTE: the next close off for Break-In is 10 January 2023, for the January/February 2023 issue.

A total of six issues a year are produced, with the first January/February distributed within the first week of February, and so on.

The close off dates for articles/advertising are:

  • 10 January for January/February issue.
  • 10 March for March/April issue.
  • 20 April for May/June issue. (produced to coincide with the AGM over Kings Birthday Weekend)
  • 10 July for July/August issue.
  • 10 September for September/October issue.
  • 10 November for November/December issue.

Each issue normally contains Technical and General articles of interest to amateur radio operators. Sometimes the articles are of a more general nature with some flavour of radio mixed into the article somewhere!

In addition, each issue contains a number of columns from various authors covering activities from AREC, DX, Satellites, QSL Bureau and more.

As the official journal Break-In contains information about the association, important news and announcements, AGM news and Remits plus the Annual Accounts. As magazine it has a wealth of information with many members having copies going back to the very first issue produced in January 1928!

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