NewsNZART do not run a blog as such but there are items that need publishing from time to time that do not fit in the other channels.

The Online News provides a home for those items and a feed of recent changes to the website to in one handy location.

Latest News and Updates

15 May 2022

InfoLine 452 has just been published

InfoLine 452 is online now, including NZART Awards for Conference 2022 - Council Policy on Members Paying Subscriptions by Automatic Payment. And much more ..... You can subscribe to InfoLine and get it directly in your inbox as well.
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09 May 2022

Special InfoLine 73 has just been published

Special InfoLine 73 is online now, containing the 2 m/70 cm Band Plan Review 2022. You can subscribe to InfoLine and get it directly in your inbox as well.
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08 May 2022

2 m/70 cm Band Plan Review 2022

NZART has commenced a review of the 2 m and 70 cm band plans to refresh them with the various modes available today, and to ensure that interference between different groups is minimised. We are seeking volunteers/representatives that use 2 m and 70 cm bands. It is expected the review should take three months, and be completed before the AGM in September. The goal is to ensure the band plans accommodate the various uses without interference, and are robust to last into the future.
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27 April 2022

Remit: Changes for NZART Constitution 2022

At this years Conference (to be held in Wellington over the weekend of 10-11 September 2022), two Remits have be published in the March-April 2022 issue of Break-In on page 34. By following the read more link below, the Remits page has been re-produced for download for members to use when discussing the changes at club/branch meetings. To assist members further, a proposed updated constitution, with the changes highlighted (in yellow) has also been prepared, should the remits go through unchanged. This revised constitution is also available for a download. Any questions contact NZART HQ or your local Councillor.
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24 April 2022

April 2022 Official broadcast posted

The April Official NZART broadcast is now online in MP3 format for online listening.
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17 April 2022

InfoLine 450 has just been published

InfoLine 450 is online now. You can subscribe to InfoLine and get it directly in your inbox as well.
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13 April 2022

COVID 19 Restrictions Ease at NZART HQ

NZART HQ are pleased to confirm that from Thursday 14 April 2022, the requirement for ‘My Vaccine Pass’ and contact tracing will be no longer be mandated by the Government for “close contact businesses”, this includes NZART HQ. This means that there is no longer a legal requirement to display a QR code poster, or to do contact tracing or to sight the client’s vaccination pass from this date. The wearing of a mask and maintaining high sanitation standards, are still requirements when entering the HQ office.
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08 April 2022

World Amateur Radio Day: 18 April 2022

Every 18 April, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on this day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris. Amateur Radio experimenters were the first to discover that the short wave spectrum — far from being a wasteland — could support worldwide propagation. In the rush to use these shorter wavelengths, Amateur Radio was “in grave danger of being pushed aside,” the IARU’s history has noted. Amateur Radio pioneers met in Paris in 1925 and created the IARU to support Amateur Radio worldwide. Today, Amateur Radio is more popular than ever, with more than 3,000,000 licensed operators! World Amateur Radio Day is the day when IARU Member-Societies can show our capabilities to the public and enjoy global friendship with other Amateurs worldwide.
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03 April 2022

InfoLine 449 has just been published

InfoLine 449 is online now. You can subscribe to InfoLine and get it directly in your inbox as well.
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01 April 2022

VHF and Above Contests: Results

The results of the last two VHF Contests: 2021 VHF Field Day Contest results and 2022 DX Weekend Contest results are now available online in PDF format. Both having been supplied by Greg ZL1GSG VHF and Above Contest Coordinator.
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