Break In January February 2019 - DELIVERY ISSUES


If you are a current financial member of NZART you should have received the latest issue of Break-In (January-February 2019).


I am receiving a considerable number of reports that additional address labels are being included with some members address sheets, so please check your copy to see if this has occurred. If it has please email me at NZART with the additional address label information, i.e call sign and name of person.


It also appears that some pages are missing from the current issue... Those are page 1, 2, 35, and 36 This does not affect all copies, only a limited number and these copies can be replaced with correct versions.


As of Wednesday 13 February, a replacement copy is being sent to all those members I have been advised of.


Please do not call me, as I am well aware of this issue, send me an e-mail as it is quicker and more efficient and saves interruptions.




Debby Morgan