Members may recall that the ALO asked in Infoline 210 for input to a paper he was putting together, at Radio Spectrum Management’s request, on the topic of Internet Connected Amateur Radio.

RSM have now completed their review of this topic and have concluded that no changes are required to the current Amateur General User Radio Licence conditions to accommodate Internet-connected amateur radio modes such as APRS, IRLP, D-Link, etc. provided:

  1. the transmissions are taking place from an Amateur operator's property; and
  2. frequency coordination with non-amateur services is not required.

Normal repeater licensing procedures will continue to apply to those circumstances where frequency coordination is required and/or the internet-connected device is located at a site belonging to a non-amateur third party such as Kordia, Telecom, etc.

Also, in operating Internet-connected systems, Amateurs need to be aware of the provisions of section 5.3 of the Amateur General User Licence (GURL), as well as Regulation 25.2 of the International Radio Regulations:

“Transmission between amateur stations of different countries shall be limited to communications incidental to the purposes of the amateur service, as defined in 1.56 and to remarks of a personal character.”

Don Wallace ZL2TLL NZART Administration Liaison Officer (ALO)