This award is sponsored by NZART and Com Centre. This NZART Award is to recognise The Young Amateur of the Year.

The rules are below table.

  • 2022 - Corbin Paterson ZL1CAP - Te Puke Branch 53
  • 2006 - 2021 - No nominations received
  • 2005 - Alison Chandler, ZL2KID for contributions to Manawatu Branch 20 at 11 years old
  • 2004 - No nominations received
  • 2003 - Heidi McKenzie ZL4HAM
  • 2002 - Patrick Herd ZL2UPH
  • 2001 - Pamela Blackett ZL1PAM Special Youth Awards for 75th Anniversary Conference
  • 2001 - Mark Foster ZL1VMF Special Youth Awards for 75th Anniversary Conference

NZART The Young Amateur of the Year Award Rules

To Recognise a Young Amateur of the Year

The Award Objectives

Objectives of the Award is for NZART (and a co-sponsor) to demonstrate and encourage interest in promoting technological awareness and education in the field of radio and electronics by involving young people in Amateur Radio and to focus the activities of our younger Amateur Radio operators into achieving excellence in all aspects of the hobby, both individually and within the fellowship that belonging to Amateur Radio brings.

Nominations close for 1 May prior to the annual general meeting.

Requirements to obtain The Young Amateur of the Year Award which will be selected by a sub-committee appointed by Council

Criteria for the award is:

  1. Nominee to be under 25 years of age at April 1 in the year of presentation,
  2. Nominee to have provided demonstrable service to Amateur Radio in any of the following areas of achievement:
  3. Assistance with NZART Branch or activity within the Branch/Association
  4. Development of a significant project (hardware or software) for use in Amateur Radio, and
  5. Participation in projects associated with the promotion of Amateur Radio.

The Recipient of the award will be presented at NZART Conference with:

  1. A suitably endorsed certificate presented by NZART (and co-sponsor if applicable),
  2. One year’s free subscription to NZART,
  3. A presentation from any other Branch/Business/Individual who may wish from time to time, to co-sponsor the Award with NZART, or if no sponsor
  4. A Prezzy card to the value of $100.

If no suitable nominations for the Young Amateur of the Year are received by April 1, no presentation will be made for that year.

Nominations for this award should be sent by Branches or individuals along with "substantiating evidence", to the General Secretary of NZART by 1 May in the year of presentation.

Last Updated: 18 July 2023