There is always one person whose antics did not go unnoticed at Conference.

The stirrers award is given to the person who makes a stand out effort, to stand out, as it were.

  • 2022 - Warren Harris ZL2AJ
  • 2021 - Mark Gooding ZL2UFI
  • 2020 - Debby Morgan ZL2DL
  • 2019 - Don MacDonald ZL3DMC
  • 2018 - Mark Sullivan ZL3AB
  • 2017 - Stuart Watchman ZL2TW
  • 2016 - Douglas Birt ZL1BFS
  • 2015 - Vaughan Henderson ZL1VH
  • 2014 - Cathy Purdie ZL2ADK
  • 2013 - Mike Barnes ZL3TMB
  • 2011 -Topsy Scott ZL2LS
    For appearing in her very skimpy red night attire and almost causing the President to return to smoking, having received such a shock.
  • 2010 -Frank Hunt ZL2BR
    For admitting (on receiving the spoon), that the successful prosecution he had made was for an offence on 26 MHz, while he was an RI
  • 2009 -Topsy Scott ZL2LS
    Claimed the attention of members at AGM by:
    1. Dropping a packet of Jaffa's during the AGM that rolled noisily everywhere, and
    2. Falling over in the rush to be first to get the certificate for the Nelson Branch, for the equally won Rothschilds Cup award
  • 2008 - Bruce Means ZL3BM
    After taking an active part in discussions he said he is shy
  • 2007 - Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC
    Which matched his earlier Gawdy Award
  • 2005 - Stuart Watchman ZL2TW
    1. Arriving late at the Council meeting
    2. Goading Auckland Branches regarding recruitment
  • 2004 - David Andrews ZL2SX
    Suggesting that if there wasn't a quorum for the AGM we could always all go on a wine trail
  • 2003 - Debby Morgan ZL2TDM
    For stirring up members with her straight talking speech
  • 2002 - Roy Symon ZL2KH
    1. Use AM and use both side bands
    2. Stop discussing withdrawn remits
  • 2001 - Brian Kidd ZL1AHZ
    For his comments regarding the 30 m band
  • 2000 - Roy Symon ZL2KH
    Get your existing rig stolen so you can get a new one
  • 1999 - Peter Lake ZL2AZ
    Diplomatically advising Council of the Remit types