Jock White Field Day 2022

Field Day is definitely going ahead this year however there is a need to acknowledge the Omicron situation and provide a ‘Plan B’. This is the first Field Day that will be underway with the virus in the community. Omicron case numbers are steadily rising and it is impossible to predict how things will be by Field Day weekend, it is entirely possible that there will be widespread cases in many areas by then.

We do know that the Omicron variant is extremely infectious. While it is a less severe version of COVID it still posts a significant risk to older people and those with medical conditions, a group that many field operators belong to. It is possible that some branches/teams may elect not to set up a field station or scale back their station this year and for this reason we will be having a special section for 2022 only: Back Yard.

I appreciate that some field stations may be upset by this: other stations giving out the same multiplier. I do ask that everyone reflects on the situation we face and appreciate that it is better to keep Field Day going but provide a way to keep activity alive by providing an alternative if teams are not able to safely operate as usual.

Jock White Field Day rules click here for additional information.

Back Yard Section

I have drawn inspiration from the Back Yards On The Air event that was so successfully run during Lockdown in 2020.

Station: Operate portable in your back yard.

Cover/Enclosure: Use a tent etc. or go ‘au naturale’ with no cover if the weather permits!

Power: Do not operate off the AC mains. You can swap batteries for those being charged indoors.

Multiplier number: Use the number of your local branch or a nearby branch in recess. You do not need to identify yourself as a Back Yard station, just give out the multiplier of the branch you want to use.

Home Station Section

This will be unchanged. If you are operating from your shack or inside a club room still use the 00 multiplier as before.

Single Operator Section

This will still be available this year and is aimed for those operating away from home in the traditional field day type station.


This is unchanged. Back Yard station contacts are just as eligible to claim for multipliers as field stations. Just state Back Yard in your entry.

Safe Operating

It is up to each team to decide how they will operate and keep their members safe.

The Omicron variant is extremely infectious so you must have a plan for cleaning microphone equipment etc, between operators. I would advise against sharing headset/microphones, those sort of microphones are probably very difficult to clean. Have hand gel to use before and after operating. Ventilation is your friend so keep tents open and keep numbers in operating tents to a minimum.

Have fun and stay safe.

Stuart Watchman ZL2TW