Guide to the VHF/UHF/SHF Propagation Verification Claim Form

Band: In wavelength
Propagation mode:  Line Of Sight (LOS), Tropo Duct (TD), Sporadic E (TD/E), Tropo Scatter (TS), Meteor Scatter (MS), F2-Layer (F2) Earth Moon Earth (EME), Trans Equatorial Propagation (TEP), Precipitation Scatter (PS), Field Aligned Irregularities (FAI), Aurora and Aurora E (A/AE), E-Layer Back Scatter (EBS), F-Layer Refraction, Diffraction, Side Scatter (FR/FD/FS), Knife Edge Diffraction (KED), Solid Object Refraction (SOR), D/E-Layer Ionospheric Forward Scatter.
QSO QTH: Mountain name, Place name, Trig name (specify)
LAT. LONG: Latitude and Longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds.
Grid Locator: Maidenhead locator.
Elevation: Above sea level in metres.
Location info: Mountain top, Hill side, Trig point, Car park, Bush hut.


NOTE: If the following is not known then estimate values

Antenna/Gain: Type of antenna and estimated gain in dBd.
TX freq: Specify in megahertz.
TX type: Commercial (model number) or Home brew, Converter to commercial IF
TX description: Description like 3456 MHz "SSB Electronics" converter from 144 MHz IF.
TX power: Specify in watts, or dBm.
Feed-line loss: Specify loss in dB or give cable type and length.
Modulation type:  Specify SSB, CW, MCW, NB-FM, WB-FM, FM/ATV, VSB and Digital (specify)
RX freq: Specify in megahertz.
RX type: Commercial (model number) or Home brew, Converter to commercial IF.
RX description: Description like 3456 MHz "SSB Electronics" converter to 144 MHz IF.
Feed-line loss: Specify loss in dB (or give cable type and length)
Noise figure: Specified in dB above the perfect noise less receiver, which would add no extra noise to the signal received.
RX bandwidth: 3 kHz SSB, 500 Hz CW filter, 12-15 kHz for NB-FM (specify)
RX sig/noise ratio: If a signal is equal to the noise this ratio is unity. If the signal received is 20 dB above the noise, and the RX noise figure is 2 dB the ratio is 18 dB.
Weather: Could include temperature, cloud cover, windy or dusty.
Additional info: This could include witness operators, signal strength reports, video and audio recordings, type of power supply system, time taken or days on site.


Propagation Verification Claim Form

Band: Propagation Mode:
Time(UTC or NZST/DT): Distance(km):
Call Sign Station 1: Call Sign Station 2:
Name: Name:
Lat. deg. min. sec. Lat. deg. min. sec.
Long. deg. min. sec. Long. deg. min. sec.
Grid Locator(6 digit): Grid Locator(6 digit):
Elevation ASL(meters): Elevation ASL(meters):
QTH info: QTH info:
Antenna/Gain: Antenna/Gain:
TX freq(MHz): TX freq(MHz):
TX power(Watts): TX power(Watts):
Feed-line loss(dB): Feed-line loss(dB):
Modulation type: Modulation type:
RX freq(MHz): RX freq(MHz):
RX type: RX type:
RX description: RX description:
Feed-line loss(dB): Feed-line loss(dB):
Noise figure(dB): Noise figure(dB):
RX bandwidth: RX bandwidth:
RX sig/noise ratio(dB): RX sig/noise ratio(dB):
Weather: Weather:
Additional information: Additional information:
Home QTH:  
Telephone No:  
Record received and verified by:  

The information submitted above is to the best of my knowledge correct.

Claims must be submitted to:

The VHF/UHF/SHF Record Coordinator
PO Box 40 525
Upper Hutt

Last Updated: 24 August 2021