The service is free to both transmitting and non–transmitting members of NZART — non–members may make use of this service at a cost of 25c per card. All QSL cards for forwarding to radio amateurs and listeners in New Zealand and overseas countries should be posted to:

The QSL Manager
PO Box 857
Wanganui Mail Centre


The call–sign of the station to whom the card is addressed should be printed clearly on both sides of each card. Are you sending your card to a DX–station’s Manager? If so, please write the Manager’s call on the back of the cards. (Cards are sorted using the call printed on the back of the card.) If you see fit not to write the recipients’ call–signs on the back of your cards, it is pointless to carry out the last instruction–we are not clairvoyants!

When writing call–signs onto your cards, please take care with the forming of the letters and numbers. Make sure that the letter V will read V, not U, an “S” looks like an ess and not the figure “5” and vice versa, etc. This will greatly help the Bureau staff in their sorting! Remember also that English is not the first language of everybody handing and receiving your cards.

Please sort your QSL cards into Call District Areas for New Zealand (i.e. ZL1-ZL2-ZL3-ZL4, etc) as well as those for the USA Mainland and all others in alphabetical order:

e.g. A3, EA, F, G/M, JA, OK, S5, SM, RA/UA, UN, UR, VK, W1-W2-W3, etc (USA Mainland prefixes are kept together-A-K-N-W1 cards all go to their First District Bureau; likewise all A-K-N-W2 cards go to the Second District Bureau and so on), AH6/7 to WH6/7, AL7 to WL7, VU, ZL1-ZL2-ZL3-ZL4, 3D, 5W, 9A etc.

Please do not separate countries with rubber bands, strips of paper etc.

Members must enclose a current year Break–In label with each posting to.

After ticking all the boxes above and sending the cards to the Bureau, sit back and be patient it's not a fast process!