Student Exam/Call Sign Allocation Fee’s Set to ZERO

NZART Executive Council has agreed to lower the cost of Students sitting the Amateur Exam and the issuing of a Call Sign to no cost or ZERO.

Purpose of this new policy to encourage new younger members into amateur radio where the cost of the exam and issuing of a new call sign was deemed a barrier in doing so.

Upon a successful pass the student will be allocated a call sign in the normal way via the NZART ARX. The student will also be given a year’s complimentary* membership to NZART. *(Receive one-year free membership to NZART from 1 Jan to 31 December in the same year. If joining after 1 July, membership will expire 31 December the following year, meaning eighteen months of membership.)


  1. This Policy only applies to NZART Supervised Exams.
  2. It applies to anyone under the age of twenty five (25) years who is in full time study.
  3. The Exam Supervisor(s) are to vet each applicant to ensure that each applicant is a bona fide student.
  4. The policy is restricted in the first twelve months to a maximum of twenty (20) applicants, dealt with on a first come basis.
  5. This new policy will come into effect from 1 September 2019 and will be reviewed prior to the roll over on 1 September 2020. There is no guarantee that the policy will continue after this date, or that the number of applicants be increased or decreased.
  6. There is nothing stopping a Branch requesting from an exam candidate a donation to the club for providing this service.

This policy was approved by the NZART Council on 3 June 2019.