Update 2011-03-29

Following representations by NZART, Radio Spectrum Management have agreed that Amateurs will, in the future, be permitted to be issued with callsigns whose suffixes start with E (previously AREC) X and Y. The rules for callsigns using these suffixes will be the same as those for existing (A to D and F to W) callsign suffixes - see PIB 46 for details.

This change will:

  1. make additional (temporary) single letter single letter callsigns available to contest and similar operators;
  2. give a great deal of pleasure to those contesters and DXers who wish to use a more interesting and unique callsign; and
  3. allow name-based call sign combinations for those whose names start with the letter E (e.g. Ernie), X (e.g. Xavier) and Y (e.g. Young)

At the same time, RSM will extend the temporary commemorative callsign series from ZL 10 - 99 to ZL 10 – 100.

RSM plan to include these changes in Edition 13 of PIB 46 which they expect to publish in June 2011. The new callsign series will be available for Approved Radio Examiners to allocate from the date of publication.

Don Wallace ZL2TLL NZART Administration Liaison Officer (ALO)