The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Incorporated

A Policy Statement by NZART Council

The NZART ARX will accept nominations from Branches of NZART for the position of Examination Supervisor following receipt of the following:

  1. A copy of the minutes from the meeting of the nominating Branch in which the motion was passed nominating the candidate for the position.
  2. Two nominee character references from members of the nominating branch who also must be members of NZART.
  3. Confirmation that the nominee is a member of NZART. On receipt of the above the NZART ARX will check with the NZART General Secretary that the membership details of the nominee and referees are in order.
    The nomination and supporting documentation is then sent to NZART Council for acceptance.
    If NZART Council chooses not to approve the nomination it is not under obligation to disclose reasons.

Note: successful nominees must remain a member of NZART while occupying the position.

ZL1UD and ZL2TW Policy - Examination Supervisor

February 28 2009