The current constitution of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Incorporated was was updated during the NZART AGM held in Wellington 2022 (10 September 2022).

You can download a copy of the constitution by clicking on the document thumbnail on this page.

For any further information regarding the constitution please contact the NZART headquarters.

Treasurers Report and Financial Report for 2022

On Friday 26 May 2023, NZART finally received the Reviewed 2022 Financial Reports, that will be presented at the NZART AGM on Saturday 3 June 2023. The delay in publishing the financial report was related to several factors. NZART apologises to the membership for the delay but has made them available here for download and review. All questions should be directed to the Treasurer at the AGM. Click on the link to the right (PDF) to download the file.


Remits for NZART AGM 2023:

  1. NZART to create a digital only membership, for those wanting a digital only copy of Break-In with discounted membership fee. NZART needs to get with the times with increasing costs, several members don't need or want a paper copy of Break-in these days. There needs to be a cheaper option for those wanting a digital version. A digital version can be searched and indexed with a couple of mouse clicks unlike the paper copy. This also helps to save the planet with reduced paper use.

    Christchurch Branch 05

    Council Comment:
    Council does not believe that opting out of a hard copy subscription of Break In would lead to reduced costs. It would likely lead to increased costs. Council does not support this remit.


  2. NZART to reduce membership fees for members associated to clubs that are charities or the club does not meet the criteria to be covered under NZART public liability insurance. Recently it's been discovered that several clubs are not covered by the NZART Public liability insurance policy. These branches need to know that they are or are not covered before any event, so that no one assumes they are covered when in fact they are not.

    Christchurch Branch 05

    Council Comment:
NZART has no control over whether branches do or do not meet the requirements to be covered under NZARTs insurance. Therefore, NZART does not believe it should reduce the membership as it may lead to perverse outcomes with clubs opting out of insurance cover to reduce costs. Currently there are only 5 branches to which this may apply. Council does not support the remit.

Last Updated: 27 May 2023