AGM commenced at 10:30 am on Saturday 5 September 2020 with over seventy members physically present and over sixteen members on ZOOM. It finished on time at 12:30 pm. The AGM was followed at 1:30 pm with the AREC Annual Meeting.

Evan Sayer, NZART Treasurer was given Life Membership of NZART.

Amateur of the Year was awarded to Douglas Birt ZL1BFS.

The Break-In Awards although already mentioned previously in Break-In were also re-stated today.

Arthur (Jumbo) Godfrey ZL1HV Award was to Stan White ZL2ST and Ngaire Jury ZL2UJT.

Awards where also presented for Best Examination Pass for a Youth, Awards for 100% Passes, and Christchurch Branch 05 for its twenty one examination passes over the 2019 year, from their very successful HamCram classes.

The Remit was passed on voices.

Napier is the location for Conference 2021 (5/6 June 2021). No one has come forward to host Conference 2022 (4/5 June 2022).

The Stirrers Award was presented to Debby Morgan ZL2DL.

The AGM Minutes will be published in the September/October issue of Break-In due out in early October 2020.

Photos (some) are available in the NZART Facebook page