There is no better time to join or re-join NZART for the 2021 year. 

*** Terms and Conditions apply ***

A rebate of $34.00 is applicable to all current financial Transmitting/Non-Transmitting & Family memberships, if payment is received on or before 30 November 2020. Your 2021 invoice was included with your July/August of Break-In.

Subscription Rates for 2021 as follows:

Transmitting/Non-Transmitting: $99.00 (rebate applies)

Family Transmitting/Non: $ 129.00 (rebate applies)

Student: $45.00 (no rebate)

Overseas airmail (No GST): $140.00 (no rebate)

The rebate is not applicable to those members who have opted to pay by monthly instalments.

At its June 2020 meeting, NZART Council discussed the ability for NZART as an organisation to assist members with a subscription reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the discussion advice was sought from the Treasurer as to what amounts could be offered. NZART Council has confirmed at its July 2020 meeting to set the subscription for the 2021 year to be $99.00, with a one-off rebate of $34.00, making the subscription after the rebate is applied of $65.00.

This rebate is to assist members who may be under financial strain to retain their membership as a result of the lockdown due to COVID-19. Those not effected are requested to pay the full amount of $99.00.

There is no $10.00 rebate this year.