On Wednesday 17 March 2020, NZART Council held a Special Meeting to discuss whether the 2020 Conference and AGM should continue to be held over Queens Birthday Weekend 30-31 May 2020, in Shantytown near Greymouth.

Based upon all the advice available at the time of the meeting the decision was made to cancel the 2020 Conference, and only to postpone the AGM.

As we are required by the NZART Constitution to hold an AGM for the purpose of running the association an alternative date/time and location were also agreed upon.

The AGM has been set for Saturday 5 September 2020, commencing at 10:30 am, at the Brentwood Hotel 16 Kemp Street Kilbirnie Wellington.

This location was selected for a number of reasons, as its in central New Zealand and easy to get to by air travel for example. It is within minutes of Wellington Airport, and with a free hotel shuttle service. The AREC AGM will follow the NZART AGM, as is the normal procedure we have adopted a few years ago.

This will be a one-day AGM only, allowing time for members to fly in and out on the Saturday should they wish to do so.

As this will be an AGM only meeting, there will not be any associated Conference activities to go with it, so no Alternative Programme, Forums or special AGM's such as WARO, OTC, SPAM etc.

NZART Council will all be attending the AGM and will hold an additional Face-to-Face meeting on the Sunday, to deal with any matters arising from both the NZART AGM and the AREC AGM. NZART Council will fore go its normal Friday Face-to-Face meeting prior to the AGM's and deal with any matters via Skype meetings. NZART Council only meets Face-to-Face once a year, so this still needs to happen.

As matters can change between now and the 5 September 2020, we can only expect that the AGM's will go ahead.

Alternative planning has taken place should the AGM not be able to completed in 2020.

NZART Council

Saturday 28 March 2020