Band Plans Draft (2021) are ready for checking. As Call Book will produced this year, the intention is to not only have the Band Plans available online but also to have them as accurate as possible. Please check these maps for accuracy and report to the Editor of Break-In any mistakes you see, via email to . Close off for comments is 10 October 2020.

Click on the image below to view the full sized maps in PDF format.

Things to note about the maps:

  • The Standard 1 MHz Narrow Band Segment follows:
    f + 0.200 SSB Calling
    f + 0.250 to 0.300 Beacons (Geographical plan - 1 kHz spacing) f + 0.500 FM Calling
    f + 0.550 FM Simplex
    f + 0.575 APRS and simplex data
    f + 0.600 P25 Simplex
    f + 0.650 Packet Radio simplex data
    f + 0.700 D-Star Simplex
    f + 0.750 Fusion Simplex
    f + 0.800 DMR Simplex
  • To save the maps once open, scroll to the bottom of the open PDF in your browser and you should see a download option.
  • These plans were updated July 2021.

Last Updated: 06 September 2021