For NZART Council Meeting held on 3820 kHz on Tuesday 1st September 2009
[Roll Call] at 7:25pm [Official Business]. 7:30pm

4/1	Roll Call 
Chairman:	Roy Symon, ZL2KH.

Council:	ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson, ZL1UD Tony Case,
ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson,
ZL3TNT Ann Fraser, ZL3ADF John Hirtzel
ZL4QS John Lochhead

Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL1BBS Gerry Kilpatrick, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen,
ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don Wallace,

Min Sec:	Topsy ZL2LS

Moved that Max Wheatley ZL2MAX fill the vacancy on Council in the Central Region.
Moved ZL2KH		Seconded ZL3ADF			Carried

4/2	Apologies

4/3	Confirmation of Minutes 4th August 2009
ZL1TGCmoved               2nd ZL3ADF              			Carried

4/4	Additional Agenda Items
ATV Channel 39

4/5	Action Points
960:9/12	ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice and
then for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment from Mt Cargill
.									Ongoing

Action Points from Friday Council meet Hastings 09
970:12/15	ZL3ADF agreed to contact Evan Sayer regarding requirements on the reply
election envelope						Ongoing

Action Points from Monday Council meet Hastings 09
979:1/11	ZL4QS update on sponsorship for IARU Conference in Christchurch:
980:1/12	ZL1TGC update to Implementation of Entry Level License
984:3/7 (c)	ZL2TDM to notify the Break-In Editor approval of his recommendations to Council.						Complete

985:3/13	ZL2KH to advise WIA of Council's decision not to produce combined callbook
986:3/18	ZL2HD to discuss 2400MHz proposed changes with FMTAG and report back to
Council							Ongoing
987:3/19	ZL2AL That Council adopt Para 2 and 3.
2) Send a letter to the WIA reminding them of their obligation and requesting payment
of the $1338.99. Contact with the WIA rep at the Hastings meeting would be in order.

3) Thank the WIA for their generous offer of $500 per year for the contest and send
them a bill for the 2008 contest when it becomes available from the NZ contest organizers.
This is now action point against ZL1TGC				Ongoing
988:3/23	ZL2HD to write paper regarding returning repeaters to Branches.

4/6	Confirmation of New Members August 2009
Moved by ZL3TNT		2nd ZL1UD					Carried

4/7	Ratification of August 2009 Payments
Moved by ZL1TGC		2nd ZL3TNT					Carried

4/8	Monthly Reports
a) FMTAG recommendations
Interim recommendations   Moved by ZL1TGC   2nd by ZL1UD	Carried
Final Recommendations moved by ZL1TGC  2nd by ZL1UD	Carried
b) QSL Bureau
c) AREC Financial spreadsheet
QSL and AREC report moved by ZL3ADF  2nd by ZL1UD		Carried

4/9	Strategic Plan
Final item of the Strategic Plan
10 To provide the resources (both financial and administrative) to enable the preceding
objectives to be achieved.

* To manage the affairs and property of the Association so that it has the financial
resources to be an effective organisation.
* To provide an effective administration to serve the members of the Association and
assist them in achieving their objectives
* To encourage all members to participate actively in the running of the Association.
* To coordinate the activities of the Association with other bodies to increase the
effectiveness of its policies.

* To ensure the financial viability of the Associations activities.
* To raise funds, seek donations and subsidies and seek to make small profits on
members' services where possible.
* To construct an investment policy to ensure long term financial stability.
* To have an effective management system including budgetary control.
* To participate in activities of bodies with similar aims and objectives.
* To assist Branches financially where possible.
* To maximise the use of volunteer services and to engage professional assistance
when required.

4/10	Financial Management Group Recommendations
Refer spreadsheet and minutes
The following recommendations were passed by the Financial Management Group to be adopted by
1)	That NZART Council approve seven persons to attend the IARU Conference in Christchurch.
These are listed on the attached spreadsheet.
The Finance Management Group (FMG) further recommend that an additional two persons
attend if Council considers it is necessary.

2)	That Debby ZL2TDM attend with all costs paid. Debby has advised she will attend at
no additional wages cost other than her usual 5 hours per day pay rate currently paid by
NZART. All other expenses are covered in the spreadsheet.

3)	A total budget figure of $900 be made available to cover all gift expenditure.
(Spare gift to be available if needed on the day)

4)	Registration and travel costs be paid as soon as possible to obtain the best rates.

Moved ZL2KH		2nd ZL3TNT				Carried

4/11	ATV Channel 39
The following motion was put:
That Council endorses the action taken by Wellington VHF group Branch 74 in connection
with the ATV Channel 39 issue
Moved ZL1TGC		2nd by ZL1UD			Carried

4/13	General Business
Nil for minutes

4/14	Leave of Absence
ZL1TGC will be absent for October Meeting

There being no further business meeting was closed by ZL2KH at 2002HRS

Topsy Scott
Minute Secretary