For NZART Council Meeting held on 3820 kHz on Tuesday 6th October 2009 [Roll Call] 
at 7:55pm [Official Business].8:00pm

5/1	Roll Call
Chairman:	Roy Symon, ZL2KH.

Council:	ZL1UD Tony Case, ZL1PK Phil King
ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson, ZL2HD John Andrews, ZL2MAX Max Wheatley
ZL3TNT Ann Fraser, ZL3ADF John Hirtzel
ZL4QS John Lochhead

Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL1BBS Gerry Kilpatrick, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen,
ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don Wallace,

Min Sec:	Topsy ZL2LS

5/2	Apologies
ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson, ZL2MAX Max Wheatley
Moved by ZL4QS	2nd by ZL1PK					Accepted

5/3	Confirmation of Minutes 1 September 2009
Moved by ZL1UD		2nd by ZL4QS				Confirmed

5/4	Additional Agenda Items
5/17  IARU Conference Report

5/5	Action Points
960:9/12	ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice and then
for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment from Mt Cargill.

Action Points from Friday Council meet Hastings 09
970:12/15	ZL3ADF agreed to contact Evan Sayer regarding requirements on the reply
election envelope.
ZL3ADF moved that this action point be removed, all in hand and will be actioned
before next election							Complete

Action Points from Monday Council meet Hastings 09
980:1/12	ZL1TGC update to Implementation of Entry Level License
ZL1TGC comments -  On-going.  Still have to resolve the status of motion from the
floor of the 2009 AGM in Hastings.

ZL2HD moved that NZART investigate and implement Entry Level Licences
2nd By ZL3TNT
ZL2AMJ abstained from voting on this issue
ZL2KH to email Vaughan re this and he can sort from there	ongoing

986:3/18	ZL2HD to discuss 2400MHz proposed changes with FMTAG and report back
to Council
ZL2HD to approach FMTAG and ask them for a Band Plan for 2400 MHz

987:3/19	ZL1TGC That Council adopt Para 2 and 3.
2) Send a letter to the WIA reminding them of their obligation and requesting
payment of the $1338.99. Contact with the WIA rep at the Hastings meeting would
be in order.
ZL1TGC Comments - Para 2 action is complete.  WIA have paid their share, and
NZART have paid their share ($A1338.99).

3) Thank the WIA for their generous offer of $500 per year for the contest and
send them a bill for the 2008 contest when it becomes available from the
NZ contest organizers.

Action Point against ZL2KH ... Oceania Contest Funding
988:3/23	ZL2HD to write paper regarding returning repeaters to Branches.

5/6	Confirmation of New Members September 2009
Moved   ZL1UD   2nd ZL4QS						Confirmed

5/7	Ratification of September 2009 Payments
Moved ZL1PK     2nd  ZL1UD						Carried

5/8	Monthly Reports
a) QSL Bureau monthly report
b) Monitoring Service July/August report
c) AREC Financial report
d) FMTAG monthly report
e) Exam comparisons 2008/2009
Monthly Reports A,B,C,E moved by ZL2HD   2nd by ZL1UD	Carried
FMTAG  ZL2HD moved that the Interim Recommendations be approved
2nd by ZL2AMJ								Carried
ZL2HD to talk with Doug about using the info about "Keep your Beacon or Link
or Repeater Licence up to date" in Break In or else where.

5/9	WIA AGM 2010
ZL2KH ask for this to be removed from this agenda and any further agendas and
wait for an invite from WIA 					Remove

5/10	Current Policy
I move acceptance of the Document "Current Policy 2009 Final Draft" as
distributed by e-mail on Wednesday 9 September 2009.
Moved - ZL1UD     Seconded - ZL3TNT				Carried
A/P: Debby, to change the names of both the Word and PDF File to
"Current Policy 2009" upon this motion being carried

5/11	ARRL Handbook
The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications
2010 Edition Softcover  Retail $USD49.95/Hardcover $USD59.95

ZL2HD moved that we purchase 1 box (10 copies) of the hard cover Edition.
Any not sold can be on sold at Conference 2010 in Auckland.
2nd by ZL1UD							Carried

5/12	ARX Policy/Position Description
I formally move that the Job Description for the NZART ARX, and the NZART
Policy for Amateur Radio Call signs be adopted as NZART Council documents.

1. ZL2AMJ Moved that the Job Description for the NZART ARX be accepted
2nd by ZL2HD							Carried
2. ZL2AMJ moved that the NZART Policy for Amateur Radio Call signs be adopted
as NZART Council documents
2nd by ZL2HD							Carried

5/13	Marton & Districts Draft Constitution
ZL2HD moved that the Marton and Districts Draft Constitution be approved
2nd by ZL1UD							Carried
Debby to notify them accordingly

5/14	Oceania DX Contest costs
Covered in Item 987:3/19 ZL2KH to talk with them at Conference re contest.

5/15	40 Metre Band Plan
ZL1UD moved that NZART adopt the FMTAG 40 meter band plan
2nd by ZL1PK 							Carried

5/16	Leave of Absence

5/17 IARU Conference Report
ZL4QS gave a very informative Conference report on progress to date
All with in budget, good numbers attending
Thanks was given for this report

General Business
1)	Conference 2010 Auckland:
	Venue:  Alexandra Park Convention centre.
Web site now up and running.  Link from NZART web site.

Conference programme:  Conference Committee would like to schedule the AREC
AGM on the Saturday afternoon.  This presumes that the NZART AGM could be
finished by 1400.  Unless there are a large number of remits this should be
achievable.  An earlier start to the day is possible if required.
Registration will be at the venue Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Friday evening at Alexandra Park is a race meeting.  Open to Conference
attendees to "have a flutter" if so desired.  As venue is open, meals (at
attendees own cost) are available and there will be an area on the 1st floor
for those who would just like to sit and chat.

Saturday afternoon will feature a public open session (1330 to 1600) where
the public will be able to have a look at the Trade Displays, static
displays, etc.  They will not be able to get into the Conference proper.  An
opportunity to publicise amateur radio and I hope we will also have an NZART
table open for the duration.  It is expected some  non-members will take
advantage of the open session, so an opportunity to sell NZART.

Sunday programme:  23 forum topics have been identified and will run in
two/three streams (final details depend on forum speakers accepting) making
for a busy Sunday.  Also scheduled for Sunday are the AGM's for Spam, WARO,
AMSAT, etc.
Alternative Programme:  Substantially complete.  Saturday's bus tour takes
in historical Onehunga, a winery, plus more.  Sunday's focus is on
Devonport, and program allows time for WARO AGM before picking up WARO
ladies to take part in the rest of Sunday's programme.  A visit to the Navy
Museum at Devonport is included to give tome balance to the programme
(browsing the Devonport shops for those who are not into Naval museums!)

Keynote speaker for the opening not yet finalised.
Separate guest speaker during Saturday evening dinner.
After dinner Saturday evening light music (not loud!) and dancing for those
that want to.  Space to mingle/chat or just keep on talking.
Sunday evening entertainment (no branch challenge) still to be finalised.

Would Council please give consideration to any guests that should be invited
(MED representative?).  We will not have WIA present, so some opportunity to
invite others?

Good Conference report given by Committee for Conference 2010

ZL3TNT moved That a representative  from MED and possibly the minister in
charge of MED be invited be invited to Conference 2010 in Auckland 2nd by ZL1PK
A/P Debby to issue invitations to the MED to attend the Auckland conference
in 2010.

ZL2KH to consult with Debby, re sending out all monthly information via email
to save on both postage and paper used to print out information.

There being no further business, meeting closed at 20.58 hrs
Topsy Scott :)
Minute Secretary