For NZART Council Meeting held on 3820 kHz on Tuesday 3rd November 2009
[Roll Call] at 7:55pm [Official Business].8:00pm

6/1 Roll Call
Chairman: Roy Symon, ZL2KH.
Council: ZL1UD Tony Case, ZL1PK Phil King; ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson
ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson, ZL2HD John Andrews, ZL2MAX Max Wheatley
ZL3TNT Ann Fraser, ZL3ADF John Hirtzel
ZL4QS John Lochhead
Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen, ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don
Wallace, ZL2TAR Doug Ingham
Min Sec: Topsy ZL2LS

6/2 Apologies

6/3 Confirmation of Minutes 6 October 2009
Moved ZL1UD 2ND ZL1PK Discussion on minutes nil Confirmed

6/4 Additional Agenda Items
FMTAG Chairperson Application

6/5 Action Points
960:9/12 ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice and
then for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment from Mt
Cargill. Ongoing
Action Points from Monday Council meet Hastings 09
980:1/12 ZL1TGC update to Implementation of Entry Level License
986:3/18 ZL2HD to discuss 2400MHz proposed changes with FMTAG and report
back to Council Complete
987:3/19 ZL2KH Funding for Oceania Contest
ZL2HD Moved that NZART / WIA pay 50% each of the Oceania Contest funding
providing the invoice is received within one year of the contest
2nd by ZL1TGC ZL1UD Abstained Complete
988:3/23 ZL2HD to write paper regarding returning repeaters to Branches.
This is ongoing and to be forwarded to the face to face meeting
Action Points from October Council meet 09
989:5/10 Debby, to change the names of both the Word and PDF File to
'Current Policy 2009'' upon this motion being carried Completed

6/6 Confirmation of New Members October 2009
Moved ZL2HD 2nd ZL1PK Confirmed

6/7 Ratification of October 2009 Payments
Moved ZL1UD 2nd ZL1TGC Carried

6/8 Monthly Reports
 1) QSL Bureau monthly report
Moved ZL2HD 2nd ZL1PK another good report thanks given
 2) FMTAG monthly report
MovedZL2HD 2nd ZL2AMJ Adopted]

6/9 2400MHz
Further to our phone conversation, the reason for asking for an alternate
part of the 2.4GHz band for narrow band operation is as follows:-
1) The part of the band from 2400 to 2450Mhz is getting unusable due to high
levels of interference from other users, notably WiFi. The designated narrow
band area from 2424 to 2425MHz lies in the middle of this frequency range.
2) The band from 2396 to 2400 is much quieter. Thus it seems sensible to use
2399 to 2400 as the alternate narrow band section.
3) Most activity centers on contest operation using SSB or CW, and pushes
the limit as far as weak signal operation is concerned. FM is usually
inappropriate for this activity, due to poor sensitivity and capture effect,
compared to SSB or CW.
4) Some FM only equipment has a lower limit of 2400Mhz. I suggest the
existing narrow band of 2424 to 2425MHz is suitable for line of sight or
near line of site operation on FM.
5) In the case of transverters which are typically used with a 144Mhz IF and
cover a 4 MHz range, a crystal change is the only modification needed, so
going below 2400MHz is no more difficult or expensive than going anywhere
else in the band.
My understanding is there is no engineering reason to prevent the use of
2399 to 2400MHz as an alternate to 2424 to 2425MHz.

6/10 Auckland Branch 02 Constitution Amendment
ZL2AMJ Moved 2nd by ZL2HD
Debby to send to Gerry in word format for him to check over. Carried

6/11 VHF/UHF/SHF Records vacancy
Motion: That ZL1TGC, ZL1UD and ZL1PK arrange and interview Stephen Hayman
ZL1TPH regarding his application for the position of V/U/SHF Records
Coordinator and report back to Council when the interview is complete with a
report and recommendation, A/P - ZL1UD, ZL1TGC, ZL1PK
ZL1UD withdrew this applicaiton

6/12 Examination Supervisor applications
As per policy for NZART Examination Supervisor Appointment Process dated
The NZART ARX will accept nominations from Branches of NZART for the
position of Examination Supervisor following receipt of the following:
    A copy of the minutes from the meeting of the nominating Branch in which
    the motion was passed nominating the candidate for the position.
    Two nominee character references from members of the nominating branch
    who also must be members of NZART.
    Confirmation that the nominee is a member of NZART. On receipt of the
    above the NZART ARX will check with the NZART General Secretary that the
    membership details of the nominee and referees are in order.
    The nomination and supporting documentation is then sent to NZART
    Council for acceptance.
    If NZART Council chooses not to approve the nomination it is not under
    obligation to disclose reasons.
Note: successful nominees must remain a member of NZART while occupying the

 1) Suburban Amateur Radio Club - Ian Walker ZL1BFB
 2) Auckland Branch 02 - Steve Miller ZL1FS
Moved by ZL3TNT 2nd by ZL1TGC Approved and branches concerned will be
notified. Carried

6/13 Finance Management Group recommendations

Recommendation Number 1
Recommendation from NZART that council approve in principal that head
quarters be open 25 hours per week, over 5 days be changed to 24 hours per
week over 3 days (due to Debby moving)
Moved by ZL4QS 2nd by ZL1UD Carried

Recommendation Number 2
That a promotional sub committee be formed to coordinate the material
received by WIA and ARRL and any branch.
Moved by ZL1TGC 2nd by ZL1UD Carried
A/P ZL2TDM to report progress of the promotional sub committee at the face
to face meeting in February

Recommendation Number 3
The Finance Management Group agreed that perhaps a reflector that members
only could have a say, but non-members could view may be appropriate.
All agreed that further consideration needs to be made by Council into re
introducing a members only reflector.
ZL2HD suggested NZART ask Jamie the webmaster to investigate and report back
to the face to face meeting Carried

A/P FMG to liaise with the webmaster and consider options for a members only

6/14 Wellington VHF Group Remits

Remit 1
THAT the meeting require NZART to urgently seek and appoint a suitably
qualified person to the position of Chair of Frequency Management Technical
Advisory Group (FMTAG).
Explanation: The purpose of this remit is to urge Council of NZART to fill
this vacancy as a matter of urgency. The importance of this position to the
wellbeing of Amateur Radio requires a change of priority by Council, and
prompt and effective action is now required.
ZL2AMJ moved that NZART accept David Andrews ZL2SX application for this
position2nd by ZL2HD ZL2KH to advise by email Carried

THAT, the FMTAG Coordination Procedure be amended to enable public scrutiny
of applications by use of modern technology, such as notice via NZART
website, and public response via email.
Explanation: The purpose of this remit is to overcome the frustration caused
by the delay of notice due to the two-month cycle of Break-In magazine.
ZL1UD moved that Council action remit 2 and the Branch asked to withdraw the
remit.2nd by ZL3TNT
This is to be discussed via email around council then the General Secretary
to let the branch know the outcome.

6/15 Wellington VHF Group Constitution
ZL1TGC moved this be referred to the NZART Solicitor for approval
2nd by ZL1UD Debby to send to Gerry in word format please

6/16 Leave of Absence

6/17 General Business
ZL1TGC asked if the Wellington VHF Group be notified re the acceptance of
David Andrews application and ask for remit 1 to be withdrawn
ZL2KH to do this tomorrow

6/18 Information Papers
 1) GAREC 09
Vote of thanks recorded for Doug Ingham ZL2TAR for his report. A very good
report and has represented NZART well. Thankyou Doug.
There being no further business meeting closed at 21.02 hours
Topsy Scott
Minute Secretary J