for NZART Council Meeting Monday 1st June 2009 held at Angus Inn Hastings,
commencing 8:30am

1/1 Roll Call
Chairman: Roy Symon ZL2KH Secretary: Debby Morgan ZL2TDM

Council: Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC, Tony Case ZL1UD, Phil King ZL1PK

John Andrews ZL2HD, Lee Jennings ZL2AL, Fred Johnson ZL2AMJ

Ann Fraser ZL3TNT, John Hirtzel ZL3ADF

John Lochhead ZL4QS

Visitors: Michael Owen VK3KI President WIA, Peter Young VK3MV Director.

ZL2KH opened the meeting ratifying the motion passed on Friday that all new
Councilors had speaking and voting rights.

Tony also asked for a photo to be taken of Council to be placed on the web

(Not Taken)

1/2 Action Points
964:9/20(d) ZL1TGC to send a list of ARDF equipment to the Business Manager.

ZL1TGC requested a list of equipment from ZL3MJS held at CARDS and to be
forwarded as soon as he returns from Conference.

966:10/10 ZL3QH to review the clause in the Conference A-Z regarding
Conference profits being shared between NZART and the Branch

This action point has now been changed to ZL1UD who will revamp the A-Z
after the Hawkes Bay Conference.

1/3 Appointments of Officers
Council nominated and approved Evan Sayer, to the positions of Treasurer and
Returning Officer for NZART. Moved ZL1TGC Seconded ZL2AMJ Carried

Council nominated and approved Debby Morgan ZL2TDM as the General Secretary
for NZART. Moved ZL1TGC Seconded ZL2AMJ Carried

1/4 Remuneration Committee
Having appointed a new remuneration committee comprising ZL2HD, ZL1UD and
ZL2KH the following remunerations were approved effective 1 June 2009.
a)    ExpensesFiguresFigures
 [1]QSL Bureau Manager $605.00$605.00
 [2]Break In Editorial Staff$6,265.00* $6,265.00
 [3]AREC National Director   $650.00 $650.00
 [1]Treasurer $6,500.00 $6,750.00
 [2]Business Manager$23,500.00   $24,500.00

The two increases to the Business Manager and the Treasurer were approved to
cover inflation.

1/5 Council face to face Meeting February 2010
Council agreed after considerable discussion that a two-day meeting is more
appropriate to allow in depth consideration of Association business.

It was agreed that Council meet in Wellington over the 20th and 21st of
February 2010, to be confirmed once a suitable venue is known.

Possible venues for the meeting included, The Silverstream Retreat, Hutt
Park Motor Camp and Harcourt Park Motor Camp.

Action: ZL2AMJ to get a costing for Silverstream Retreat

Action: ZL2TDM get costings for Hutt Park and Harcourt Park Motor Camps.

1/6 Call Book 2009/2010
Carried over from Friday's discussion

Michael Owen VK3KI suggested a combined WIA and NZART call book. All agreed
that this would be a good option which would give members more value for

ZL1TGC advised that the whole call book being part of NZART membership would
require a rethink and change.

ZL1UD suggested this could still be included in our subscription as it could
be posted direct from headquarters.

The following motion was put:

That NZART Council continue working on the suggestion from WIA to combine
call books.

Moved ZL2AMJ seconded ZL1UD Carried

Action: Council consider requirements of combining WIA and NZART Call book.

ZL1UD suggested in the meantime that a pdf format of call signs be made
available on the web, however regular updates would be required.

Action: ZL2AMJ to liaise with the ALO to ensure updated information can be
made available for call signs on the web page.

1/7 Council Comment in Break In
ZL1UD raised the need of the Council Comment column in Break In, given that
Minutes are now available on the web. He added that this only duplicated
what is being made available on the web page.

ZL1TGC suggested that Break In is a permanent record of what is happening
within the Association and many members still do not have web access,
therefore he recommends that the column continue.

On recommendation from the Break In Editor that only one person be appointed
to forward information to Break In, Council agreed that the Council Comment
column should remain.

All agreed that ZL3ADF will be the liaison for Council with the Break In
Editor. Any articles that Council require being published must go through
him. ZL2KH requested that he be copied any information that is passed to
Break In or any other Officer.

Roy also emphasized the importance of acknowledging any e-mail received, to
confirm receipt.

1/8 Council Officer Appointments
All agreed that given the various areas within the Association where high
expenditure is required, that a Finance Committee be formed, similar to the
Business Management Sub Committee.

The committee would have no authority to act, but required to recommend to

Council moved the following people be co-opted to the new committee known as
the `Financial Management Group':

The Business Manager (Debby Morgan), Treasurer (Evan Sayer),Bruce Douglas
ZL2WP and David Karrasch ZL1DK be appointed as the Financial Management
Committee. ZL2KH is an ex officio member, as President of the Association.

It was agreed that this committee meet a minimum of four times per year.

ZL2KH then volunteered the following persons to liaise with their respective
Officers under their responsibility

   Supervisor of Responsibilities: Phil ZL1PK
   AREC: Roy ZL2KH
   Break-In: John ZL3ADF
   FMTAG: John ZL2HD
   ALO: John ZL2HD
   IARU: John ZL4QS
   Kordia: Vaughan ZL1TGC
   DX Community: Lee ZL2AL
   Officers: Tony ZL1UD
   Exams Division: Fred ZL2AMJ
   VHF: Vaughan ZL1TGC
   Special Event Callsigns: Lee ZL2AL
   Web: Roy ZL2KH
   Contests and Awards: Lee ZL2AL
   Call Book: Roy ZL2KH and liaise with WIA.
   Conference: Vaughan ZL1TGC
   Public Relations to Members and Branches: Lee ZL2AL

It was agreed that ZL1UD would advise all Officers to whom their Council
liaison would be.

1/9 Signatories on NZART bank accounts
With the recent Council changes - it is appropriate to advise who the
signatories on all NZART bank accounts are.

Bruce (WLB) Douglas and Mark Gooding to be removed.

All signatories include
President D R Symon
Treasurer E T Sayer
General Secretary D P Morgan
Council Representative J Andrews

All accounts must have a minimum 2 of four signatures approving any

A new signing authority was completed and will be taken to the Bank for

1/10 IARU Region 3 Triennial Conference in Christchurch
The Committee recommends the following papers be presented to the 14th IARU
Region 3 conference plenary.

 1) New Zealand Schools and 'Radio Waves'
 2) New Zealand Schools and Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
 3) Liaison between NZART and the New Zealand Administration
 4) KiwiSat
 5) The New Zealand Amateur Radio `Certificate of Competency' as a junior
     technical qualification.
 6) ALO paper on various topics.
 7) Paper on NZART involvement with IARU Emergency traffic.
 8) Hoping to get a paper from Murray Greenman ZL1BPU

IARU R3 14th triennial Conference
ZL3QL reported on progress with arrangements for the IARU 14th Triennial
conference being held in Christchurch from the 12th to 16th February 2009.

Sponsorship for the NZART Dinner is being negotiated with Tait Electronics.

The Prime minister has turned down our invitation to open the conference but
has recommended that the Minister of Commerce will be available.

NZART Delegation
The Committee recommends to Council that the following delegation positions
be approved.

Roy ZL2KH Conference President
Terry ZL3QL Plenary Chairman
John ZL4QS Delegate
Fred ZL2AMJ Observer
Debby ZL2TDM Observer

The Committee also recommends that Edwin ZL1BBO and David ZL2SX have their
registration paid if they attend.

The Committee decided that we needed a new name to reflect more clearly our
role in NZART

The new name is the IARU Liaison Committee and the Chairman is to be called
the IARU Liaison Officer.

The committee for 2009 consists of
NZART President Roy Symon ZL2KH (ex officio)
Administration Liaison Officer Don ZL2TLL
FMTAG Chairman Doug Ingham ZL2TAR (in absence of Chair)
IARU Liaison John LochheadZL4QS
Committee Terry Carrell ZL3QL
Fred Johnson ZL2AMJ
Edwin Musto ZL1BBO
David Andrews ZL2SX
Region 3 Director Peter Lake ZL2AZ
IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee

Don ZL1DTE has resigned as NZART representative on this committee and we
recommend Dave Karrasch ZL1DK who has had past involvement this area, be
appointed as NZART representative on the committee.

Having considered the report presented by ZL4QS Council engaged in
considerable discussion regarding the money required attending the

It was noted by the WIA President that some costs may be reduced, such as
the need to host a full dinner when finger food and drinks may suffice.

Also the attendance of the General Secretary including her accommodation and
overtime that would be required to be paid by the Association.

Evan advised the budget for attendance at the IARU Region 3 Conference was
$10,520 which was based on money reimbursed for previous years attendance as
the NZART delegation.

ZL4QS advised that NZART is required to host an evening, plus the delegation
as detailed above therefore would now place the figure required to

It is understood that sponsorship will be forthcoming, however the amount is
not known at this time.

The following motion was put:

That NZART Council approves the budget of $16,000 for the IARU Region 3
Conference in Christchurch this year.

Having moved this motion Council urge the IARU committee to reduce costs
where possible as this will put the Association in a bigger deficit than was

Council further queried the need for ZL2SX and ZL1BBO to attend this
conference and consider paying their registration as excessive. The IARU
liaison team will confirm who is attending as soon a possible.

Action: ZL4QS to advise Council who has been appointed to attend the IARU
Region 3 Triennial Conference in Christchurch.

1/12 Entry Level Licenses
ZL2AMJ suggested amendments to the draft proposal submitted. Council agreed
that the original team of Stuart ZL2TW, Vaughan ZL1TGC Tony ZL1UD, excluding
Mark ZL2UFI, continue with an entry level license. Ann ZL3TNT and Fred
Zl2AMJ requested he be involved in the implementation of this new grade.

Council agreed that ZL1TGC would lead the team, and keep the Administration
Liaison Officer informed of any updates.

ZL2AMJ also suggested a new approach not something that WIA or RSGB has
implemented as this may not work in New Zealand, given we only have one
grade of license now and less qualified persons to run the programme.

ZL2AL also wished to be kept informed so he can update members in Break In
and HQ Info-line.

1/13 Issuing Special Event Call Signs
ZL2AL requested that ZL6HQ special event call sign be allocated on a
permanent basis for the IARU/RSGB contests.

All agreed on this allocation, Debby suggested the Trustee of this call sign
be the same as ZL6A, at this time being ZL2BHF.

The following motion was put:

That ZL6HQ be issued to an NZART approved Trustee, as a Contest Group call

Moved ZL2AL seconded ZL2AMJ Carried

Action: ZL2TDM to allocate ZL6HQ to the ZL6A call sign Trustee for
contesting purposes.

The same should also apply to ZL4FUN.

ZL2AL furthermore requested that he be consulted when special event call
signs are allocated to ensure they are used appropriately.

ZL2AMJ suggested he assist the NZART ARX with searching of lapsed or
overseas call signs as considerable analysis sometimes has to be made before
a call sign is allocated.

ZL2TDM suggested that ZL2AL be consulted on special event calls, ZL2AMJ be
consulted on lapsed and overseas amateur requesting issuance of a ZL call
and ZL2TDM will continue to allocate new call signs. All agreed.

The meeting moved into `Committee' ZL2KH seconded ZL1UD

On return to the meeting, Council agreed the FMTAG chairperson position be
advertised in Break In.

1/14 Financing Oceania DX Contest
The WIA representatives agreed to continue to sponsor the Oceania DX Contest
of $500 per year and will place a request to NZART should this need to be

1/15 Status of 'E' Calls
It was suggested that the `e' series call signs have the non-allocation
embargo released as AREC advised they no longer required it.

ZL2AMJ confirmed the embargo was placed for 5 years, the date of release
will be 2012.

After considerable discussion on the possible use of the `e' series call
perhaps being withheld for issuing to the Entry Level grade of license,
Council agreed not to release at this time.

1/16 Security of e-mails and reports
ZL2AMJ requested that Council be careful not to pass on any information that
has clearly been marked as confidential. ZL2HD advised that ALL Council
correspondence should be available for publication - it is on record.

All agreed to respect confidentiality, whether commercial or personal.

1/17 Publicity Pamphlets
ZL2AMJ suggested the new brochure available for promotion of amateur radio
is not adequate.

ZL1TGC noted Fred's comments, however disagrees that they are not useful.
Council felt at the time that the Association was in need of an updated

The general opinion of Council felt that the pamphlets were good, however
noted ZL2AMJ's comments and suggested that ZL2TW may review them, should he
take up the position of publicity officer, or any other person who may up
this role.

1/17 Internet update
ZL1UD advised having received an e-mail from Jamie ZL2NN, that a new ISP had
been found at a cost of $42 per month. This includes all but the e-mail
alias service offered by the Association.

The following motion was put:

That ZL1UD advise Jamie that Council approved the new ISP and his report.

Action: ZL1UD advise Jamie Council approved his report on Internet options.

1/18 NZART ARX deputy
The following motion was put:

That NZART approach RSM advising that ZL2AMJ has been approved as the NZART
deputy ARX.

Moved ZL1UD seconded ZL2HD Carried

1/19 NZART/MED relations
All agreed that ZL2TLL owns the NZART/MED relationship generically as his
position implies.

Generally speaking when Don attends meetings with MED he may have advisors
he chooses with him

All agreed that any Councillor can only approach MED through the ALO, ZL2TLL
unless it is regarding their own personal licence. A meeting of the MED
liaison team was recommended by Council to ensure the chain of command is

Action: ZL2HD to call a meeting of the MED liaison team.

Return to General business
Michael Owen thanked the President and Council for inviting he and Peter
VK3MV to attend the AGM and Council meetings and accept that all discussions
will remain confidential.

Meeting closed at 12:43pm

Next meeting to be held `on air' at 1930hrs on 3820kHz Tuesday 7th July
2009. Roll call at 1925hrs.

"The remuneration committee also met later and authorised an extra payment
of $1,000 be made to Evan Sayers for the extra work he carried out as
Returning Officer in the last elections."