For NZART Council meeting to be held on 3820 kHz Tuesday 5th May 2009 [Roll
Call] at 7:25pm [Official Business]. 7:30pm

11/1 Roll Call

Chairman: ZL2KH Roy Symons

Council: ZL3GR Noel Rowe, ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson, ZL1UD Tony Case

ZL2KH Roy Symon, ZL2HD John Andrews

ZL3QH Keith Stanton,

ZL4QS John Lochhead

Min Sec: Topsy ZL2LS

Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL1BBS Gerry Kilpatrick, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen,
ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don Wallace, ZL1PK Phil King, ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson,
ZL3ADF John Hirtzel, ZL3TNT Ann Fraser, ZL2AL Lee Jennings ZL2NN, Jamie Pye

ZL1PK, ZL2TLL, ZL3ADF were only ones of 'others'' present

11/2 Apologies


11/3 Confirmation of Minutes April 2009

Moved ZL1TGC 2nd ZL1UD Ratified

11/4 Additional Agenda Items


11/5 Action Points

874:FF8/18 ZL4QS IARU Region 3 Conference 2009 updates.

Debby to be reminded of float money, which was approved by council
Has not yet been received. A full report will be given at Conference

This is completed apart from sponsorship.

Actions from face to face meeting Feb 2009

957:FF09 ZL4QS/ZL2WP Cost of hosting reception at IARU Region 3
Conference in Christchurch. Review Possible sponsors and what can be offered
for their financial assistance

ZL2WP to write two letters inviting the Prime Minister or a representee to
open the conference and Bob Parker to welcome the delegates to Christchurch.

The IARU organising committee is to help Bruce with this Complete

959:FF09 ZL3GR/ZL2HD prepare draft document on APRS processes and
circulate to council. A report has been done, and it is going to FMTAG and
they are making a recommendation Complete

960:9/12 ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice
and then for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment from Mt
Had hoped to have revised equipment schedule from Kordia this hasn't
happened as yet. NO invoice has been sent and no money has been paid,
Document is ready to be sign and if there are no changes and Gerry is happy
with it. Ongoing

961:9/16 ZL2TDM should have been Debby re the Smart 3 in place


962:9/16(a) ZL2TDM clarify who has authority to release silent key call
signs from the MED database. Complete

964:9/20(d) ZL1TGC to send a list of ARDF equipment to the Business Manager.


965:9/20(d) ZL2UFI to review all Officer positions Complete

966:10/10 ZL3QH to review the clause in the Conference A-Z regarding
Conference profits being shared between NZART and the Branch

ZL3QH made suggestion to defer this until the face to face at Conference, as
there are clauses that need tot be looked at in the A to Z. Ongoing

967:10/11 ZL2KH to put out email to all Councillors for suggestions /
comments regarding the Council Reflector for e-mails.

Awaiting recommendations from the web master for this Ongoing

11/6 Confirmation of New Members April 2009

Moved by ZL4QS 2nd by ZL3GR Carried

11/7 Ratification of April 2009 Payments

Moved by ZL1UD 2nd by ZL1TGC Carried

11/8 Monthly Reports

 1) FMTAG recommendations

40 meter Band plan

ZL2HD moved that we don't accept the change in the 40 meter Band plan, it is
to stay as is. ZL3QH 2nd

ZL4QS abstained from voting Carried

Action Point against ZL2HD Need to revise the 40 meter band plan and come up
with a better one.

APR'S Frequencies Change

This is FMTAG recommending things stay as they are.

ZL2HD moved we recommend FMTAG recommendation and then discuss it at
Conference. ZL3QH 2nd this Carried

VHF-UHF-SHT Beacon Band Plan

ZL2HD moved that this part of the FMTAG recommendations be accepted

ZL1UD 2nd Carried

Interim Recommendations

ZL2HD moved that these be adopted ZL3GR 2nd Adopted

ZL3QH Would like to see the 40 meter Band Plan put to the DX forum at
Conference to see how it will affect the DX community

Final Recommendations

Moved ZL3GR, 2nd ZL2HD Adopted

 2) QSL Bureau

 3) Monitoring Service

Moved ZL3QH, seconded ZL4QS Both reports Adopted

 4) Web team update

Moved ZL2HD, seconded ZL1UD Carried

11/9 Strategic Plan

 7) To collaborate with the National Amateur Radio Societies of other
    countries in the interests of world progress in Amateur Radio.


   To maintain membership of the IARU and the IARU Region 3, and to
    actively support their aims and contribute to their activities.

   To participate in international activities to promote amateur
    radio at an international level.

   To participate in liaison and coordination with amateur
    satellite organisations worldwide.

   To participate in international beacon and intruder watch
    co-ordination, and other worldwide activities.

   To encourage and promote reciprocal licensing, within and
    outside NZ.

   To assist in particular the smaller societies in the South
    Pacific area.

   To provide leadership in those activities where NZART has
    special skills or expertise.

   To further international understanding, friendship and


   To appoint and support an IARU Liaison Officer and committee,
    whom will advise Council and keep members, informed through regular
    reports and Break In columns.

   To participate in the three yearly cycles of Region 3

   To promote assistance to IARU and especially Region 3

   To support NZART Members appointed to positions in the IARU or
    IARU Region 3.

   To provide guidance, information, training material and other
    aid to South Pacific and other Region 3 societies through the STARS 3
    Task Force.

   To run special projects to provide funds for promotion
    activities in developing countries, if required.

   To assist liaison with AMSAT and other amateur satellite
    organizations, and encourage fund raising assistance and donations.

   To assist and support International Beacon projects (including
    ZL6B), the Intruder Watch/Monitoring Service and any other world wide

   To promote the reciprocal licences provisions by the MED for
    visitors to NZ; and to provide an advisory service for NZ amateurs
    travelling overseas and for overseas visitors to NZ.

   To encourage Member activities and participation in
    international aspects of Amateur Radio

ZL1TGC made comment he happy this section of the strategic report

11/10 Motions dealt with via e-mail


11/11 Call Book in pdf on Web

This is to go on the agenda for discussion at Conference please J

A committee is to be formed

ZL2TLL and ZL2AHB will work with Lorne to get the information (think this is



11/13 Information Papers

 1) Conference 09 Hawkes Bay update

Comment made, with the Information recorded looks like they have it under

11/14 Leave of Absence


Topsy going on holiday after Conference J

11/15 General Business

ZL2HD made comment re council elect being able to come to council meeting on
the Friday. ZL2KH said yes.

ZL2HD stated that the secretary of FMTAG hasn't been invited to Conference.

ZL2HD moved that the ALO and secretary of FMTAG be invited to the face to
face meeting of council at Hastings Seconded ZL4QS Carried

ZL3GR Made note that the editor for Break In was not attending Conference

ZL3QH moved that Council invite the Break In editor to conference and
Council to cover his travel and accommodation costs only, Seconded ZL2HD

ZL3QH to speak to John re this and check if he will accept this offer.

Meeting closed at 2044 hrs

See you all at Conference Travel safe now

Topsy Scott


Minute Secretary