For NZART Council held on 3820 kHz Tuesday 7th July 2009 [Roll Call] at
7:25pm [Official Business]. 7:30pm

2/1 Roll Call

Chairman: ZL2KH Roy Symon

Council: ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson, ZL1UD Tony Case, ZL1PK Phil King

ZL2HD John Andrews. ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson, ZL2AL Lee Jennings

ZL3TNT Ann Fraser, ZL3ADF John Hirtzel

ZL4QS John Lochhead

Min Sec: Topsy ZL2LS

Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL1BBS Gerry Kilpatrick, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen,
ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don Wallace,

2/2 Apologies


2/3 Confirmation of Minutes Friday 29th May 2009

Moved by ZL1TGC Seconded by ZL2AL Confirmed

Confirmation of minutes Monday 1st June 2009-07-07

Moved by ZL2AL Seconded by ZL1TGC Confirmed

2/4 Additional Agenda Items


2/5 Action Points

960:9/12 ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice and
them for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment from Mt
Cargill. Good progress / Ongoing

964:9/20(d) ZL1TGC to send a list of ARDF equipment to the Business Manager
once confirmed from CARDS Completed

966:10/10 ZL1UD to review the clause in the Conference A-Z regarding
Conference profits being shared between NZART and the Branch - revamp after
Hastings 09. Good Progress / Ongoing

969:12/8 ZL2KH to request Jeff ZL2TFZ provide a list of radios recently
purchased for AREC use. Completed

Action Points from Friday Council meet Hastings 09

970:12/15 ZL3ADF agreed to contact ZL1BBS regarding requirements on the
reply election envelope. Ongoing

971:12/19 ZL2KH to circulate the SAR/AREC/NZART Trust document to all new
Councillors. Completed

972:12/17 ZL2KH to contact ZL1DK and ask if interested in the Region 3
Emergency Communications Liaison position. Completed

973:12/21 ZL4QS to write to IARU R 3 Secretariat and advise the NZART
delegation. Ongoing

974:12/22 ZL2KH to advise ZL3IB of the liaison person established between
Council and Break In team. Completed

Action Points from Monday Council meet Hastings 09

975:1/5(a) ZL2AMJ to get a costing for Silverstream Retreat


976:1/5(b) ZL2TDM get costings for Hutt Park and Harcourt Park Motor Camps.


977:1/6(a) ZL2KH consider requirements of combining WIA and NZART Call book.

978:1/6(b) ZL2AMJ to liaise with the ALO to ensure updated information can
be made available for call signs on the web page. Ongoing

979:1/11 ZL4QS update on sponsorship for IARU Conference in Christchurch


980:1/12 ZL1TGC update to Implementation of Entry Level License.


981:1/13 ZL2TDM to allocate ZL6HQ to the ZL6A call sign Trustee for
contesting purposes. Completed

982:1/17 ZL1UD advise ZL2NN, Council approved his report on Internet
options. Completed

983:1/19 ZL2HD to call a meeting of the MED liaison team and update Council.

2/6 Confirmation of New Members April 2009

Moved by ZL3ADF Seconded by ZL1UD

ZL2KH to check ZK call sign Confirmed

2/7 Ratification of April 2009 Payments

Moved by ZL1TK Seconded ZL1TGC Ratified

ZL2KH asked for a motion to approve actual verse Budgeted accounts

Moved by ZL1UD Seconded by ZL1TK Carried

2/8 Monthly Reports

 1) FMTAG recommendations

To accept interim and final recommendations

Moved by ZL2HD Seconded ZL1TGC Carried

To accept the proposal to introduce token fees for Licence applications

Moved by ZL2HD Seconded by ZL2AMJ Carried

 2) QSL Bureau

 3) AREC financial report

 4) Monitoring service Report

These three reports moved by ZL1UDSeconded by ZL3TNT


2/9 Strategic Plan

 8) To take appropriate actions regarding the international regulations of
    radio to safeguard Amateur Radio interests.


   To maintain NZART membership of IARU.

   To support an NZART group of the IARU Monitoring Service.

   To provide effective liaison with the MED RSM on international
    regulatory matters, and to the ITU.


   To appoint and support IARU and Administration Liaison Officers,
    and the associated groups that support them (including FMTAG).

   To participate where possible in the Radio Sector activities of
    the MED where they impact on Amateur Radio

   To appoint and support a Coordinator of the IARU Monitoring
    Service for NZ.

   To encourage Member participation.

ZL1TGC NO update or changes needed to be made here

2/10 AREC ARX status

Motion: 'That NZART Council approve an AREC officer being designated an
assistant NZART Approved Radio Examiner for the purpose of setting up and
maintaining AREC callsigns in Smart''

Moved: ZL1TGC SecondedZL2AMJ Carried

2/11 Publicity Officer Job Description - ZL1UD

ZL1UD moved that this be adopted Seconded by ZL1PK


2/12 Repeater Trustees - ZL1UD

Withdrawn from Agenda as requested by ZL1UD

2/13 Information Papers


2/14 Leave of Absence


2/15 General Business

ZL1UD has sent the Publicity and Marketing Officer information to Jamie for
Publication on the Web. All agreed

2/16 Monitoring Service Co-Coordinator Position

ZL1TGC moved the appointment of ZL1GWE John Martin as the Monitoring Service
Co-Coordinator Seconded by ZL1UD Carried

Meeting closed at 20.17 hrs

Thanks Roy J

Topsy Scott

Council On air Minute Secretary