NZART Council Minutes

for NZART Council meeting held in the Matariki Room of the Angus Inn
Hastings, Friday 29 May 2009 at 0900hrs

12/1 Roll Call

Chairman: ZL2TW Stuart Watchman

Council: ZL1UD Tony Case, ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson, ZL3GR Noel Rowe,

ZL2KH Roy Symon, ZL2UFI Mark Gooding, ZL2HD John Andrews,

ZL3QH Keith Stanton

ZL4QS John Lochhead

Incoming Council: ZL1PK Phil King, ZL3TNT Ann Fraser, ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson,
ZL2AL Leith Jennings

Min Sec: ZL2TDM Debby Morgan

Treasurer: Evan Sayer,

Stuart welcomed incoming Councillors present and the WIA representatives
President Michael Owen VK3KI and Director Peter Young VK3MV.

The following motion was put:

That all incoming Councillors present have speaking and voting rights

Move ZL2TW, seconded ZL1UD Carried

12/2 Apologies


Stuart declared the meeting open.

ZL1TGC requested the meeting move into committee. Seconded ZL1UD. Carried

On return to recorded business of the meeting the following motion was put:

That it be recommended to the AGM that David Andrews ZL2SX be awarded
honorary Life membership of the Association.

Moved ZL2KH, seconded ZL3GR - abstained due to conflict of interest ZL2HD

12/3 Confirmation of Minutes May 5th 2009 meeting

Moved ZL1TGC, seconded ZL2KH Carried

12/4 Additional Agenda Items

12/22 Membership figures - ZL2AMJ

12/23 North Shore District Plan - ZL1TGC

12/5 Action Points:

960:9/12 ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an
invoice and then for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment
from Mt Cargill Ongoing

ZL2KH advised this needs to be completed and would prefer not to have
actions points ongoing.

Zl1TGC reported that he had received an e-mail from Michael Keith (Kordia)
requesting an updated list of equipment present on the three Kordia sites
and any rack space necessary.

ZL1TGC advised his last discussion with Kordia, they mentioned the annual

Payment may reduce from $9,000 to approximately $2,100 as branches
removed equipment from sites that were owned by Kordia. It was agreed that
Vaughan advise this at the AGM and stress that Branches would be required
to pay their own fees or refund the money if NZART were to pay.

Vaughan clarified the amount owing for annual power had now increased to
$678 and the oice that HQ has received for $168 is not to be paid as it
has been sent in error - L1TGC will discuss this again with Kordia.

962:9/16(a) ZL2TDM clarify who has authority to release silent key call
signs from the MED database. Complete

Debby advised she has had discussions with ZL2TAR regarding the deletion of
silent key callsigns and is able to proceed. However it does not appear that
this area of SMART has been upgraded as they still appear on the database.
Don Zl2TLL will continue with investigations into this.

964:9/20(d) ZL1TGC to send a list of ARDF equipment to the Business Manager.

ZL1TGC is yet to confirm the equipment held by CARDS.

966:10/10 ZL3QH to review the clause in the Conference A-Z regarding
Conference profits being shared between NZART and the Branch.

All agreed that this document had been approved by Council - confirming that
where a branch requests funds from NZART, that any profit made by the branch
from an AGM, that this is returned to NZART.

However this has not been policed over the last few conference.

Action: ZL1UD a review of the conference A-Z to be completed after the
Hawkes Bay conference. Complete

967:10/11 ZL2KH to put out email to all Councillors for suggestions comments
regarding the Council Reflector for e-mails. Complete

ZL2KH advised that Jamie is reviewing all options for a new ISP.

This includes Mark FosterZL1VMF, Alan Wallace ZL1AMW and Mark Gooding

968:11/8(a) ZL2HD Need to revise the 40meter band plan advise a more
appropriate option. Complete

All agreed that this is a FMTAG issues and will be forwarded to ZL2TAR for

12/6 Confirmation of new Members - May

Moved ZL3QH, seconded ZL4QS Carried

12/7 Ratification of May Payments & Actuals versus Budget

ZL1TGC queried of expenditure for ZL2WP to attend conference - Debby
clarified that this was actually the airfare purchased from ZL2WP's credit
card for ZL2TW to attend. This was reimbursement of costs to ZL2WP

Moved ZL1UD seconded ZL1TGC Carried

12/8 Reports

 1) QSL Bureau Report - ZL2RR Moved ZL2HD, seconded ZL2UFI
 2) AREC Financials Moved ZL1UD seconded ZL2HD
 3) Monitoring Service. Moved ZL2KH seconded ZL2UFI
 4) FMTAG. Moved ZL2KH seconded ZL2HD

Agreed that the interim recommendation by FMTAG be adopted

All reports were Carried

Council noted that ZL3GR had spoken with Gareth ZL3VP who raised concerns
that all serial numbers of the new equipment had not been placed on an AREC
asset register. Jeff Sayer still had a large number of the new equipment in
his shack at home.

All agreed that this is essential and Council must know who has what
equipment and where is can be located as these assets are depreciated in the
annual audit.

Action: ZL2KH to request Jeff ZL2TFZ provide a list of radios recently
purchased for AREC use.

12/9 Finance

a) Accounts April 2009 BI pages 22 23 24 25

Evan advised that once again having forecast a small deficit that the
Association has managed to stay in the black, however 2009 will show a
considerable difference given costs involved with this AGM and the number of
Councillors required to attend. Plus additional expenditure was required for
elections. A deficit will be inevitable and will be the first in Evan's time
with the Association.

2) Budget - Consideration of 2010 Budget

Evan confirmed that the IARU budget for the triennial conference to be held
in October is $10,520.

Evan asked what costs would be associated with this conference apart from
the reception which is hoped that sponsorship can be found.

ZL4QS confirmed the cost of $7,000 is necessary if no sponsorship is found.

John added that the host society is considered the honorary chair of the
meeting, whether this is the President of the society or an observer was yet
to be determined. The chairman was nominated by the Conference.

Evan confirmed that removing production of call book in 2009 may see a break
even point if all other costs are contained.

He further advised, we are still to receive approximately $19,000 worth of
subscriptions for the current year - all agreed that the incoming president
prepare a letter to include with the next subscription notices to be sent
out by HQ.

Evan reported that there was no allowance for payments to Kordia in this
2010 budget.

ZL2UFI presented a quote he had obtained for printing Break In and requested
Council consider alternatives. Break In and call book cost the Association
approximately $61,000 per anum, therefore Council owes it to members to
analyse costs and have comparable figures where possible.

All agreed that Break In costs need to be analysed and conferred that if the
Business Management Sub Committee is re established that they be tasked to
review this area.

2) Subscriptions 2010

After considerable discussion Council resolved the following:


That all membership subscriptions will remain as per 2009, with a $10 early
payment rebate applicable if paid before 31 November 2009.

There will be no rebate on overseas, or student membership categories.

All agreed to revisit the frequency and type of call book to be produced
after gauging opinions over the weekend, and report back on Monday.

12/10 Conference

Conference Formal activities - speeches?

ZL2AL advised that the mayor of Hastings the Honourable Lawrence Yule will
open the AGM at the Hastings Opera House.

Retired Professor of Physics Dr Gary Bold ZL1AN was the keynote speaker.

12/11 Proposal to Host 2010 Conference-

ZL1TGC Conference Chairman J gave a brief outline of conference plans for

Mark ZL2UFI on behalf of Upper Hutt branch offered to host conference in
2011 in Upper Hutt.

12/12 Vice President nominations

After lunch in the presence of all new councillors - ZL2KH called for
nominations of Vice President.

Vaughan ZL1TGC was elected as NZART Vice President.

12/13 Motions dealt with via e-mail since previous meeting

No e-mail motions were recorded since the last meeting.

ZL2KH advised he disliked this method of discussing the business of the
Association and suggested it should not continue unless there was a real
case of emergency.

12/14 Foundation Licence

Don ZL2TLL Administration Liaison Officer advised that MED had no problem if
NZART wished to introduce this grade of licence, however it would require a
change in the Radio Regulations.

Council was tasked with investigating the possibility of a Foundation
License by a remit passed at the AGM in Dunedin. Now that Council has done
so, all agreed that the this AGM needed to guide the way to proceed if the
Foundation License was to be introduced.

ZL2AMJ offered to prepare a temporary grade similar to the Foundation
Licence that would not require Ministerial approval or change, however
others believed that if going down this path a permanent solution is
required, not a temporary fix.

After lunch President of the WIA Michael Owen spoke to the meeting outlining
their process implementing this in Australia.

WIA sought guidance from RSGB as numbers of amateurs in Australia were

Between 2001/02 WIA gained 481 new members, 2002/03 173, 2003/04 316,
2004/05 116.

WIA introduced the Foundation Licence in 2005 at the same time as the
abolition of Morse Code and figures increased as follows:

2005/06 434 new members, 2006/07 534, 2007/08 269.

Peter Young advised the most important aspect of the increases in total
amateurs was the age group, as historically this was between the ages of 55
- 70, however with the introduction of the Foundation License this reduced
to ages between 15 - 25 years of age.

ZL2AMJ asked what difficulty the WIA had in the availability of competent
Instructors - Michael responded that this varied on personalities, however
they now had 200 Instructors nationwide.

All agreed that the WIA President would present their findings at the AGM
then get members view on whether to proceed.

12/15 Election process

Evan raised concern that a number of members were dissatisfied after the
election as they felt personal details such as their signature is required
on the external lection envelope.

After some discussion all agreed that only a call sign and name is required
to confirm membership status is current on the posting envelope. Perhaps a
signature could be included on the internal envelope.

Action: ZL3ADF agreed to contact ZL1BBS regarding requirements on the reply
election envelope.

12/16 Update on Kordia

Discussed earlier.

ZL1TGC was given Council approval to sign the overall frame agreement with
Kordia - ZL2TDM confirmed that an OSH policy had been agreed to with ZL2WP
and as far as she was aware this had been customised for NZART and was in

12/19 NZART/SAR/AREC Trust Document update

ZL2TW confirmed that the document has finally be forwarded to the Charities
Commission and we are presently awaiting the registration certificate.

Once received ZL2KH confirmed that Jeff Sayer will need to complete a
Service Level Agreement before any money will be paid to the Trust.

ZL2KH advised he would circulate the NZART/SAR/AREC Trust document to all
new Councillors.

Action: ZL2KH to circulate the Trust document to all new Councillors.

ZL2KH further advised that the entire running of the Trust is now up to the
Trustees, who include a representative of SAR at this time Hayden Sims, AREC
National Director Jeff Sayer and NZART President Roy Symon.

Expenditure must have unanimous approval by ALL trustees.

12/17 Full review of Officer positions

ZL2KH reported that most officers were happy to continue in their present
roles, however once he takes on the presidential position after the AGM he
will be assigning liaison persons within Council to assist officers of the

Positions that are or will be vacant in the near future need to be
addressed, these include:
Contest Manager - ZL2KH received a CV from an ZL1BBO, who is interested in
taking on this position.

IARU Committee - ZL2TW wishes to step down, possibility of ZL1BBO here also.
ZL2AMJ also wished to be involved with this.

LGLO - no-one available here, ZL1BNB wishes to step down.

Monitoring Service - ZL1TGC has approached ZL1GWE John Martin - awaiting

Region 3 Emergency Communications Liaison - ZL1DK recommended

Action: ZL2KH to contact ZL1DK and ask if interested in the Region 3
Emergency Communications Liaison position.

VHF/UHF/SHF Records - ZL2TWS is happy to continue until the end of the year.
His deputy ZL2UGR is not interested in taking on this role but his happy to
work with a new Officer.

FMTAG Chairman - no-one available for this position.

All agreed the positions that require Officers or deputies be advertised in
Break In.

Action: ZL2UFI to place and ad in the next Break In

12/18 Best Examination Result - ZL2TDM

Gabriel Pearce - aged 13 47/60 Whangarei Branch.

12/19 Rothschild Cup - most number of successful exam passes

Nelson/Hastings 1st equal with 9 - when to present at AGM?

12/20 Branch 88 Constitution amendments.

Stuart advised that Gerry is available to assist with legal matters, however
would prefer not to offer legal advice on normal branch constitutions as his
health and time does not permit this.

He will be available to conclude the Constitutional amendments for the
Tauranga Emergency Communications Group as this was a more specialised

12/21 IARU R 3 Conference

Peter Lake ZL2AZ addressed the meeting regarding requirements at the
conference in October this year.

The Prime Minister is unable to attend, however he will be sending a
representative the Minister of Commerce and Information Technology.

ZL4QS confirmed he is awaiting a phone call from Tait US/NZ as they have
agreed to assist with sponsorship of the conference. The amount has yet to
be advised.

ZL3QH treasurer of the conference committee, advised that NZART would be
financially responsible for delegates and observers to attend.

ZL2KH asked who this consists of.

ZL4QS advised the IARU committee will be meeting over the weekend and would
report back to Council on Monday.

He confirmed that the IARU R 3 conference would require from NZART a
chairman, delegate and an observer. Who this is would be discussed at their

ZL2AZ advised that once the delegation is known, ZL4QS needs to write to the
Secretariat and advise the make up of the team by July 14th.

Action: ZL4QS to write to IARU R 3 Secretariat and advise the NZART

12/22 Break In

The Break In Editor, John Walker ZL3IB addressed the meeting, advising the
magazine is desperately short on advertising. Typesetting is now undertaken
by our printers Wyatt& Wilson/Kalamazoo which has reduced costs. Paper
prices still remain competitive.

ZL2UFI queried ZL3IB - whose position is it to review costs and proved
comparisons for Council to consider. He agreed that this was the role of the

ZL3IB confirmed he would review costs and forward to Council.

ZL3ADF asked who proof reads the magazine before it goes to print. ZL3IB
confirmed that he does this in hard copy.

ZL3ADF asked why there appears to be more errors occurring. ZL3IB suggested
that if all inclusions come through one person this will reduce the margin
for error. He asked if Council could appoint a liaison person between
Council and himself and advise accordingly.

Action: Council to advise ZL3IB of the liaison person established between
Council and Break In team.

12/23 Administration Liaison Officers report to Council - ZL2TLL

500 kHz (or 600 metres)

There are two parallel lines of action in this area; Peter Lake has drafted:

   an NZART paper requesting the Ministry grant:

       temporary allocation for all amateurs to 505 - 510 kHz;

       access to two spot frequencies for the SARC Musick Memorial
        Radio Station

   a NZ Govt paper requesting a 15 kHz international allocation at
    500 kHz for presentation at the APG2011 meeting, in June 2009

It is recommended that Council:

   Note the good work being done by Peter in this area; and

   Note that they will be asked in due course to endorse a
    submission to the Ministry.

5 MHz - AREC Usage

AREC's usage of 5 MHz is governed by the policy statement Access by NZ radio
amateurs to spot frequencies near 5 MHz: Rules to be observed. I have
reminded them that, as part of the rules, they are required to provide
reports to NZART on the use made of these bands.

Digital Dividend 1 - 6 Metres

As part of the move to digital television, it is planned to move all
television transmissions from the VHF television band. This will mean that
the 50 to 51 MHz part of the 6 metre band presently allocated to Channel 1
will no longer be required for television.

As Council may be aware, the 53 to 54 MHz portion of the 6 metre band is
currently allocated to fixed usage although the controller of this spectrum
has allowed amateur usage for repeaters on a case by case basis.

The Ministry's thinking in this area is to revert to international
allocations which would see the entire 6 metre band (including the 53 to 54
MHz portion) returned to amateurs.

It is planned to draft a submission to the Ministry based on the following:

   Support the Ministry's proposal to revert to standard Region 3

   Note that the return of 50 to 51 MHz is of particular interest

   Note that we are happy to continue to work with the organisation
    which is currently making use of some frequencies in the 53-54 MHz range

It is recommended that Council:

   Support the drafting of a submission along the lines above; and

   Note that they will be asked in due course to endorse a
    submission to the Ministry.

Digital Dividend 2 - Channel 39

In digital television, the bandwidth required for an analogue channel can
carry multiple digital programmes. Also, the digital nature of the
transmission allows closer packing of signals without incurring
interference. The overall effect is that the current and future television
transmissions can be accommodated in a portion of the current UHF television
band, freeing up the balance of the band (the digital dividend) for other
applications such as cellular. A flow on effect is that there will be
significant competition for the new digital television channels.

Ministry's thinking in this area is that amateurs do not need access to
television broadcasting capabilities and, even if they do, they only need
access to a (multiplexed) programme stream rather than to an RF channel.

It is planned to draft a submission to the Ministry based on the following:

   Note that Ch 39 was allocated to amateurs to compensate for the
    removal of 420 to 430 MHz portion of the 70cm band which, at that time,
    was used for the output of amateur television repeaters.

   Note that we intend to move to digital technology in a similar
    timeframe to the rest of NZ.

   Note that our use is based on experimentation in transmitting,
    receiving and television technology which means we need a frequency NOT
    access to a multiplexed channel

   Note that at least our transmissions are likely to be made using
    international standards therefore we need access to a (UHF) frequency
    that standard TV set-top boxes can tune to/synchronise with

   Note that the current allocation (Ch 39) is within the proposed
    digital UHF TV band (and is not in the area that is intended to be
    reallocated in the Digital Dividend)

   Note that we need a nationwide allocation (rather than half of
    two national allocations as our RF experimentation

   Note that radio amateurs have invested ($????) in antennas on
    their repeaters which are tuned to Ch 39.

   Note that the change from the 70 cm band to Ch 39 caused
    significant disruption for amateur televising experimentation.

   Note that the ideal solution for amateurs is for us to continue
    to have a nationwide allocation of Ch 39 but we are willing to consider
    other options.

It is recommended that Council:

   Support the drafting of a submission along the lines above; and

   Note that they will be asked in due course to endorse a
    submission to the Ministry.

900 MHz - Band Re-planning

NZ amateurs currently have an allocation at 921.00 to 929.00 MHz which is
not an internationally recognised amateur allocation. The band is designated
for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) purposes and these frequencies
may also be allocated to Short Range Device (SRD) services. Amateur
operators must accept interference from ISM and SRD services within these
frequency ranges and their radiated power must not exceed 25 watts eirp.

The Ministry is currently looking at re-planning the 806 - 960 MHz band and
has issued a discussion paper looking at options in this area. The
discussion paper:

   makes no mention of the amateur allocation (it shows the 921.00
    to 929.00 MHz band as being allocated solely to Short-Range Devices);

       proposes that lower edge of the SRD band be moved downwards to
    915 MHz;

   proposes that the SRD power level be raised to 4 watts eirp in
    the frequency range 920 - 926 MHz for RFID use; and
   asks in question 11:
    Is the proposed expansion of the SRD allocation to 915-929 MHz, along
    with an increase in power from 1 watt to 4 watts for RFIDs operating at
    920-926 MHz, viable and appropriate in New Zealand? If not, please

The effect of the Ministry's proposal on amateurs is that we:

   could be overlooked in the decision making process (and
    potentially lose our current allocation;

   suffer increased interference in the 921 to 926 MHz portion of
    our current allocation.

It is planned to draft a submission to the Ministry based on the following:

   Note that there is an amateur allocation from 921 to 929 MHz;

   Note that an amateur's radiated power must not exceed 25 watts

   Request that the power level not be raised for SRDs as it will
    cause amateurs to suffer increased interference in this band;

   Request that, if the power level for SRDs is increased from 1 to
    4 watts eirp, the amateur power level be correspondingly raised from 25
    to 100 watts eirp.

It is recommended that Council:

   Support the drafting of a submission along the lines above; and

   Note that they will be asked in due course to endorse a
    submission to the Ministry.

2400 MHz - Proposed Changes

It is understood that a group of amateurs is planning to request Council to
rearrange amateur usage in the 2400 MHz area to avoid interference from the
large number of other devices (e.g. cordless telephones, Wireless LANs, etc)
using this band. It is not clear to me at this time whether their plan is to
request a change to allocations (ALO job) or to the (FMTAG) band plan.

It is recommended that Council:

   Note that they may receive a submission on this subject.

Repeater and Beacon Licensing Fees

The proposed review of radio licence fees was put on hold by the new
Government and work within the Ministry has ceased.

It is recommended that Council:

   Note that there is no expectation of a change to fees in the
    short term

   Note that anything we can do to demonstrably reduce the costs to
    the Ministry of licensing our repeaters and beacons is likely to be
    viewed favourably when the fees are next reviewed

Foundation 'Licence'

The Ministry is happy to consider a proposal from NZART for an additional
type of amateur operator's certificate. Such a proposal would require a
change to the Radio Regulations (not a minor undertaking) and changes to
these are not expected in the near future.

It is recommended that Council:

   Note that, if they wish to proceed in this area, it may take
    some time to implement.

ZK Callsigns for AREC (Verbal update?)

The Ministry has advised that it has received complaints from some amateurs
that ZK callsigns are not being issued/used in accordance with PIB46.
Discussions are being held with AREC to see how the Ministry's concerns can
be addressed


As mentioned previously, the role of the ALO overlaps those of many other
Officers. I look forward to working with Council and Officers to improve
coordination between these roles.

Council thanked and acknowledged the work that ZL2TLL undertakes on behalf

ZL2AMJ is happy to continue working as part of the ALO team.

12/24 FMTAG Report

Doug Ingham ZL2TAR advised he will be in Japan attending an Amateur Radio
Convention. He has been invited to speak at the Global Amateur Radio
Emergency Communications Conference in August and requested that he attend
as an NZART representative.

Council agreed to ZL2TAR attending and passed the following motion:

That ZL2TAR attend the GAREC conference in Japan and NZART reimburse costs
for accommodation as recommended.

Moved ZL2AMJ seconded ZL2HD Carried

Costs include two nights accommodation at a total of $NZ446.00

12/25 North Shore District Plan

Vaughan ZL1TGC advised a victory over the North Shore City Council District
Plan, after three years of discussion and submissions by Mike Newman ZL1BNB
LGLO and Vaughan on behalf of amateurs on the North Shore.

The final plan bears little resemblance to the original and is now one of
the most user friendly for amateurs.

This really has been a major coup. ZL1TGC has full document and will make it
available to anyone on request. The most impressive point in this long
awaited decision was the 227 responses the City Council received from
Amateurs nationwide, which helped to raise the awareness of amateur radio in
the community.

Council thanked ZL1TGC and ZL1BNB for their considerable effort to ensure a
good outcome.

12/40 Information papers

a) NZART Council Expenses (thought it might be an idea to include this)

Noted by incoming Council.

ZL2HD moved a vote of thanks to the acting president ZL2TW, vice president
ZL2KH treasurer and general secretary for a well-run meeting.

Applauded with thanks.

Meeting concluded at 5:29pm.