For NZART Council meeting held on 3820 kHz Tuesday 3rd February 2009 Roll
Call] at 8:25pm [Official Business]. 8:30pm

Roll Call

Chairman: ZL2WP Bruce Douglas

Council: ZL3GR Noel Rowe, ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson, ZL1UD Tony Case

ZL2KH Roy Symon, ZL2HD John Andrews

ZL3QH Keith Stanton, ZL2TW Stuart Watchman

ZL4QS John Lochhead

Min Sec: Topsy ZL2LS

Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL1BBS Gerry Kilpatrick, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen,
ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don Wallace

8/2 Apologies


8/3 Confirmation of Minutes December 2008

Moved by ZL2TGC 2nd ZL1UD Carried

8/4 Additional Agenda Items

8/5 Action Points

874:FF8/18 ZL4QS IARU Region 3 Conference 2009 updates.

Progressing well. Would like council approval for payment method as
registration is in US dollars.

ZL2WP said payment through HQ would be acceptable. Debby is to contact ZL3QH
re this when she returns. Sponsorship is progressing. Ongoing

Actions from Friday meeting Council Conference 2008

933:12/27(a) ZL2HD/ZL1TGC review the schedule and also discuss with trustees
to reduce equipment necessary on the 9 co-located sites.

Moved to discussed at 8/12

Actions from Monday Meeting of Council June 2008

947:1/12(b) ZL1UD, review E-Handbook A-Z of Conference and make sure
branches are represented at Conference.

All but complete not urgent, will put through for April on Air meeting

949:2/14 ZL2TW Progress on Foundation License

Will have bigger update at the face to face meeting. Ongoing

Actions from December 08 Meeting

953:7/11 ZL2WP progress on AREC/SAR Trust document

This has been taken as far as we can go, has been sent back for final
revision with SAR. When this is returned will submit for council and AREC to

No final decision at this stage.

954:7/13 ZL2TDM to contact Christchurch branch advising of Council's
decision re their amended Constitution. - further amendments included in
these papers.

No comment Debby not present Ongoing

955:7/14 ZL3GR to report on updates of APRS.

Refer Paper from Noel

Recommendations in report are valid.

Confirmation of New Members December 2008 January 2009

ZL2HD moved we accept membership for publication

No seconder for this motion failed

ZL4QS moved this be moved over to the face to face meeting

ZL3QH seconded

ZL2HD against

Zl2HD wanted it noted he objects to the secrecy and is against

ZL2KH wanted noted he objects to secrecy and is against

ZL3GR abstains, as doesn't have list of new members

After voting the results were

For 6

Against 2

Abstention 1

Not present 1

Motion passed it be deferred to face to face meeting

8/7 Ratification of December 2008 January 2009 Payments

Moved ZL2TW 2nd ZL1TGC Carried

8/8 Monthly Reports

    FMTAG recommendations

Moved by ZL2TW 2nd by ZL2KH , this along with Noels report to go into HQ
Info-line and Break In and also suggested send to the 15 digipeater trustees

b) QSL Bureau.AREC

c) ARECFinancials for Dec sites

d) Monitoring Service report

All three reports moved by ZL2TW 2nd by ZL1UD Carried

8/9 Strategic Plan


    To make known the merits of Amateur Radio to the community and the


   To ensure amateur radio is recognised as a national source of
    communications capability

   To ensure the recreational and international goodwill aspects
    are known.

   To make amateur radio available to all citizens, including the

   To promote publicity on a national level of significant amateur
    radio events.

   To encourage and assist Branches with local publicity and
    information material.

   To encourage participation at Branch level in exhibitions,
    shows, displays and similar public events.

   To encourage and assist participation in JOTA, special event
    stations, school amateur stations, print disabled radio, etc.


   To ensure public relations materials are available.

   To collect and disseminate significant publicity and information
    items centrally and encourage Branches in local activity.

   To appoint managers or contributors to particular events or

   To identify and promote new publicity opportunities.

ZL1TGC noted that we are not doing any of this very well need to find some
energy and enthusiasm to improve

ZL2KH stated we can't progress with this until a publicity officer is
approved or someone volunteers

8/10 Motions dealt with via e-mail

NZART does not renew any listings for the Yellow Pages in 2009:

Moved ZL2KH Seconded ZL2HD

The motion that we don't renew our entry in the Yellow Pages directory has
been passed. Here are the details

Moved by ZL2KH: I therefore move that we do not renew any listings for the
Yellow Pages. In favour

Seconded: John Andrews, ZL2HD: In favour

Bruce Douglas, ZL2WP:

Noel Rowe, ZL3GR:

Vaughan Henderson, ZL1TGC: In favour

Tony Case, ZL1UD: Against

Mark Gooding, ZL2UFI: Against

Stuart Watchman, ZL2TW: In favour

Keith Stanton, ZL3QH: In favour

John Lochhead, ZL4QS: In favour


6 in favour

2 against

2 not voted

The motion is passed

Moved by ZL2HD 2nd by ZL3QH Carried

AREC Radios

Motion - That AREC upgrade operational equipment to the value of $27,364.77.
These funds to be drawn from the AREC Term Deposit account In Bulls.

Moved Seconded

this motion was with drawn both mover ZL1UD and 2nd ZL2TW agreed, until they
get more information from AREC management team and then re approve by email.

ZL2TW to contact AREC and get more information.

8/11 Annual Reports

a) Presidents Annual Report TBA

b) Business Manager's Annual Report- TBA

c) Examinations Coordinator/ARX Annual Report TBA

d) Break In Editors Annual Report

e) Official Broadcast annual Report

f) Administration liaison Annual Report

g) Contest Managers Annual Report

h) IARU Liaison Officer annual report

i) Awards Manager/Callsign Compiler annual report

j) AREC National Director Annual Report TBA

k) FMTAG annual Report

l) Webmaster Annual Report

m) ARISS Coordinator annual report

n) Treasurer's Report TBA

o) HQIL Annual Report

p) Stolen Equipment Annual Report

q) QSL Bureau annual report


ZL2TW moved ZL2KH 2nd the annual reports that have been seen to date


8/12 KORDIA update ZL1TGC

3 sites that NZART would like to keep.

Blue Duck, Mt Cargill, Egmont, others are optional. This will cost around $5
to $6 thousand dollars. NZART doesn't have the funds available. Branches
have been asked to help nothing forthcoming. Where do we get the funds from?
Basically if no money, no site, then the equipment would have to be moved.

ZL1TGC is going to try and seek further extension from Kordia but this will
probably be the last one. If we are lucky to get one at all.

Discuss at face to face meeting.

8/13 Officer Appointments and replacements

LGLO - return of Resource Management books and subscription to

ZL2WP to talk with Debby re subscription and discuss at face to face meeting

8/14 Wellington Expo - ZL2TDM

Request for a gift subscription for a raffle prize.

ZL2HD moved ZL1TGC 2nd Carried

8/15 Call Book proposal - ZL1UD

ZL1UD to send out final version via email then get this onto the website and
in Break IN

Moved ZL1UD 2nd ZL1TGC Carried

ZL2HD abstains

8/16 Christchurch Branch

 1) Remits

This to be sorted by email, if can't be sorted to go to face to face

 2) Change of cheque signing at AGM amendment to Constitution

This is to go to Gerry for his comment, until we know his comment NZART
can't proceed.

8/17 Information Papers

 1) Conference 09 Hawkes Bay update

Conference planning going well.

 2) Arthur Godfrey Memorial Award nomination - To be discussed at face to

8/18 Leave of Absence

ZL2TDM 1 day 20th March 2009

ZL2UFI 5th to 10th Feb 2009

8/19 General Business

a) Approval for Bob Knowles ZL1BAD to temporarily hold the position of
Monitoring Service Coordinator IARU Region 3.

Moved by ZL1TGC

2nd By ZL2KH with the following amendment

Approval for Bob Knowles ZL1BAD to temporarily hold position of NZART
Monitoring service Coordinator ( IARU region 3) deleted

No further Business

Meeting closed at 21.45hrs

Topsy Scott


On Air Minute Secretary