Minutes of the Face to face meeting

for NZART Council meeting held at the Airport Executive Conference Room
Saturday 28th February 2009 - commencing 9am

Visitors: ALO Don Wallace ZL2TLL 9:15am
AREC ND Jeff Sayer ZL2TFZ/ZL4JS10am

Meeting commence at 10am due to late arrival times of flights.
Bruce asked Vaughan ZL1TGC to assist in chairing the meeting due to a
health problem he was experiencing.

9/2 Roll Call
Chairman: Bruce Douglas ZL2WP
Council: Tony Case ZL1UD,Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC, Noel Rowe ZL3GR
Mark Gooding ZL2UFI, Roy Symon ZL2KH, John Andrews ZL2HD
Keith Stanton ZL3QH
John Lochhead ZL4QS
Minute Sec: ZL2TDM

9/3 Apologies:
Council acknowledged Stuart Watchman ZL2TW absence acknowledging the
sad circumstances why he was unable to attend. And extend Council's
sympathies to Stuart and his family.
Keith's flight yet to arrive.

9/4 Action points
874:FF8/18 ZL4QS IARU Region 3 Conference 2009 updates.
ZL4QS confirmed that an invitation has been circulated by the IARU
secretariat for member societies to attend the conference in Christchurch.
ZL2WP requested that specifics need to be advised in order to obtain

A/P ZL4QS to advise in writing what value for dollars a sponsor will
receive if donating money for the IARU reception to be held at the IARU
conference in October.


ZL3QH also queried if NZART could accept visa/mastercard payments for
members wishing to pay their registrations by credit card.
Debby advised that yes this can be accepted however 3% will be charged on
the total daily transactions as this is what the bank charges NZART.

ZL4QS also requested any ideas for papers to be presented at the IARU
Conference. Council considered a paper on the Foundation Certificate and
from the Administration Liaison Officer on the status of NZART
Other topics could include the 40 metre band, which Peter ZL2AZ may assist
with, ZL2TAR may prepare one on NZ Licensing, and perhaps the story
behind the allocation of 5MHz.

Actions from Monday Meeting of Council June 2008
947:1/12(b) ZL1UD, review A - Z Completed

Information on Branches being represented at the AGM and remit voting
will be circulated by e-mail HQIL on the web page and will also be included in
the next Branch mail out in March.
The full E-Handbook update is still progressing and will be circulated to
Council after this meeting.

Actions from October 2008 Meeting
949:6/14 ZL2TW Progress on Foundation License Complete
ZL2UFI presented a draft document on the Foundation Amateur Operators
Council agreed that future members on Council may not share the view of an
additional license however the present Council had been tasked at the AGM
in Dunedin 2008 via remit, to progress the option of a Foundation Certificate.

The following Motion was put:
That the draft proposal as presented by ZL2UFI be accepted.
Moved ZL2HD seconded ZL2KH Carried

A/P Council to revisit the Foundation Certificate Document as presented
at the February face to face in the next Council meeting once everyone
had read it.

All agreed after considerable discussion that the Foundation Certificate will be
outlined at the AGM and suggest those interested to attend a forum over
Conference weekend to find out more details.

A/P ZL1TGC to approach the Conference organizing Committee and
arrange a suitable time to hold a forum on the Foundation Certificate.

All agreed that a Council remit would be required to finally implement the new
class of Certificate in 2010.

It was agreed that the paper as presented would be discussed later in the
meeting ( -this was not revisited in this meeting.)

It was noted that Council would prefer that ARX's try and avoid allocating four
letter F calls.

ZL2WP thanked the team for progress made to date.

Actions from December 2008 meeting
954:7/11 ZL2WP progress on AREC/SAR Trust document Complete
This document is to achieve funding from sources not available to NZART.
SAR insists that one of the Trustees as detailed in the document, has the right
to appoint a Trustee.
It was noted that there is nothing to stop the third trustee being an AREC
member, however the vote must be unanimous, therefore any contentious
issue would need all trustees to approve.

After considerable discussion, the following motion was put.
That NZART Council approves and accepts the Trust Document as
presented. Moved ZL4QS Seconded ZL2HD Carried
ZL2UFI and ZL3QH voted against.
956:7/14 ZL3GR to report on updates of APRS. Complete

ZL3GR requests to be proactive and change designations in call book. Delete
all and replace with AX25 Data channels
All agreed that ZL2HD and ZL3GR in consultation with appropriate persons
to draft a document on this topic and circulate to Council.

A/P ZL3GR/ZL2HD prepare draft document on APRS processes and
circulate to Council.

9/5 Reports if not already discussed.
a) Presidents Annual Report
b) Business Manager's Annual Report-
c) Examinations Coordinator/ARX Annual Report
Moved ZL2KH seconded ZL1TGC to accept these reports as submitted


d) Treasurers Report - draft discussed later.
e) AREC ND Annual report nothing received, now urgent.
f) FMTAG recommendations
ZL2HD moved that the interim recommendation submitted by FMTAG be
accepted. Seconded ZL3GR Carried
ZL1UD and ZL2HD will prepare comments on Manawatu Branch.
g) Break In Editor response to Call Book Proposal.
ZL3IB noted that Break In costs were down from last year due to no
Typesetter and no CD call book.
h) QSL Bureau
i) Monitoring Service Jan Report
Reports as presented were approved
Moved ZL1UD Seconded ZL2HD Carried

9/6 Additional Agenda Items
Draft policy for 5MHz

9/7 Minutes of February 'on air' meeting
Moved ZL3QH Seconded ZL2KH Carried

9/8 Ratification of February 2009 Payments
A) Draft Annual Accounts
Evan presented a draft of the annual accounts as submitted to the Auditor.
Once again it appears through frugal planning that we have a small profit.
This has been due to higher interest rates and less repeater costs not covered
by branches.
Evan is conscious of repeaters licensing increasing in the next financial year
therefore Council need to be cautious with any further expenditure.
Overall however the Association is doing well.
Consideration needs to be given to call book in it's present format as this is a
major expense within the budget and needs to be accurate.

There are serous issues as to the way Call Book is presently seen, Council
need to readdress the future of Call Book.

Evan has also included an allowance for a payment of $4,500 to Kordia at this
ZL3QH asked what Donations meant - Evan advised that this came about
from people forgoing their rebate to assist in funding a specific event.
Evan confirmed that we had recovered more than what was first budgeted for
on Repeater licensing.
Evan added further that the MED originally wanted to recover $18,000,
however have to date only recovered $11,000, therefore he envisages the
MED will increase licensing repeaters in the future.

ZL2UFI moved that Evans report be accepted, seconded ZL1UD

Council asked if anything needs to change in order to keep the Association at
it's current financial level - once again Evan confirmed that Call Book needs
to be revisited, how and why and how we can do better.

B) Elections
Having circulated a paper on the issues surrounding the election processes
this year, Council were happy with actions taken by the Returning Officer.

It was agreed to forward an invoice to Brian Farrell ZL1HN for the insertion of
his bio in the Jan/Feb issue of Break In.

Evan raised concerns that had been advised to him as Returning Officer, that
having to include a signature on the back of the election envelope.
This would require a constitutional change to have this removed as a
requirement on the election envelope.
Council confirmed they do not have any influence over the elections therefore
e remit from the Returning Officer would be required.

9/9 New Members February 2009
a) New members from Dec 08 and Jan 09 - as attached
b) New members February 2009
Moved ZL1UD Seconded ZL4QS Carried
Concern was raised regarding the family membership category.
Debby clarified "Family Membership" can be applied to all persons living at
the same address as the primary member, there is no limit to the number of
family members.

9/10 E-Mail Motions
That Council notes the ruling made by the Returning Officer: that the existing elections be
annulled and new elections called.

After calling for disclosures of interest in the resolution, that is to say the forthcoming elections
for President and Executive Councillors of the association, Council determined that a quorum
was present.

The motion before Council is

That Council notes the ruling made by the Returning Officer for the elections that the
existing elections be annulled and new elections called. Council also notes that so long
as new ballot papers are despatched in February, all constitutional time limits can be met
and no extension of those time limits is needed.

Council notes that the power of a Returning Officer to annul an election in progress (by
reason of irregularities, or indeed for any other reason) and call new elections is not
explicit in Schedule A or anywhere else in the constitution. However, Council is of the
opinion that this power is implicit, and that the Returning Officer can proceed without
Council authorisation under clause 8.3 b. of the constitution.

For the avoidance of doubt, Council invokes its powers under clause 8.3 b. of the
constitution, and declares

"That to the extent that the electoral situation that has arisen is a case not
provided for in the constitution, Council directs that the matter is to be
determined in accordance with the Returning officer's ruling."

Members are asked to note that this ruling is, in terms of the constitution, binding on all
members as though it were a regulation.

The Chairman of the meeting took a poll of those present, noting that because of the issue
before the meeting some non-attending councillors may have disqualified themselves from
attendance. Councillors were already aware of the general nature of the draft resolution.

After calling for disclosures of interest in the resolution, that is to say the forthcoming elections
for President and Executive Councillors of the association, Council determined that a quorum
was present.

Attendance of ZL3GR, ZL2TW, ZL2UFI, ZL3QH, ZL2WP

Motion Carried

This was included in the minutes to ensure that it be recorded for future

9/11 Policy on NZART Examiners - ZL1UD/ZL2TW
ZL1UD moved that the Exam Policy be approved. Seconded ZL2UFI
ZL1UD moved that the Job Description for the Examination Coordinator be
approved. Seconded ZL2UFI Carried

9/12 Kordia Update -ZL1TGC
ZL1TGC advised that Kordia required an answer within two weeks.
After discussion and giving consideration to the extensive delay in finalising
an outcome for Kordia Council passed the following motion:

That NZART pay Kordia for 12 months only.
Moved ZL2UFI Seconded ZL1TGC Carried

ZL2KH will ask his Branch to assist in paying for Egmont the cost $625.00 pa
plus gst. This would have to be approved by all New Plymouth branch

ZL2HD also advised that he will ask his branch also to assist by paying for
Blue Duck, the amount of $838.00 plus gst.

It was also agreed that not all Mt Cargill equipment is necessary therefore
Council will approach Dunedin branch and ask what can be removed as this
will reduce the amount payable to Kordia.
A/P Vaughan to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice
and them for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment
from Mt Cargill,

All fees are plus GST with a total including GST $9380.00.

9/13 Remits
Council felt that the two remits submitted by Christchurch Amateur Radio Club
were not an NZART issue and need to be dealt with by the National System
The North Canterbury remit was approved and will be submitted to the AGM,
subject to comments from the Association solicitor. These comments may
form part of the remit - the remit is Transmitting.

9/14 Conference 2009 Hawkes Bay Branches
Council thanked the 2009 organising committee for submitting regular reports.
It was noted that hosting of the 2010 has yet to be found.
Council agreed that the Friday meeting at conference would commence at
9am, with incoming Councillors being invited to attend after lunch.
ZL1TGC suggested that Auckland Branch may consider hosting the 2010

9/15 Arthur Godfrey Memorial Award.
Council approved a recommendation as provided for this award to be
presented at the AGM 2009.

9/16 Administration Liaison Officer
Don Wallace addressed the meeting at the commencement of the day
advising updates on the various subjects he was working through with the

MED is presently checking the status of the previous request made. Peter
Lake is preparing a new paper for submission.

Progressing, however unlikely that they will ever be free again.
A full costing exercise is under way by the MED, and has recommended that
NZART consider a subsidy offered by another organisation.
NZART needs to ensure that FMTAG remains neutral in the engineering
processes they undertake.

Terry ZL3QL is chasing up the requirement of registration, not licensing.

MED will take up any issues on harmful interference if we can identify where
they are coming from.

MED suggest if NZART wish to ensure this call sign is permanently allocated,
then it needs to be issued as a club call sign with trustees.

MED will soon be implementing SMART 3 which is designed to clean up the
MED will actively promote NZART as the contact if any updates need to be
made to the database.

A/P Debby to request a demo of SMART 3 from MED

Don acknowledged Stuarts request for a pdf format of the database, advising
that due to the ongoing changes within the data, as soon as it is produced it
could have the potential to be out of date. It is therefore advisable to use the
gateway on the NZART web page to query SMART.
However if the need arises MED can provide a pdf format of call signs in order
to show people what will be produced in Call Book, and gives them an
opportunity to update if incorrect.
Keith suggested a reminder needs to be sent out to all amateurs on the MED
database to check the accuracy of their records. Don advised that this could
be done when MED sends out the new Client ID's

Foundation Certificate:
This is not to be called a license. MED are happy for NZART to introduce a
new grade of examination, however this will require a change in the Radio

Don clarified his role is to represent Council with the MED. Given the brief of
the role he plays, a large number of agenda items considered by Council have
the potential to be discussed with MED, therefore it is important that he be
kept informed of what is happening. It has helped since the ALO now gets
copied on all agenda papers and minutes from Council.
Don also confirmed that the use of the 5 MHz was for AREC exercises only
and not to be used for contesting. However this was more an issue for AREC
to deal with not the ALO.
Debby queried if the new upgrade would also cover the anomaly of Silent Key
call signs still appearing against the name in the database, but not actually
allocated. Don suggested this needs to be raised with the correct person at
the MED to ensure it is considered.
John Zl2HD advised that Doug has been removing silent key call signs from
the MED database for some time on behalf of NZART.
After considerable discussion as to when this authority was given today,
Council agreed to place an action point to review the correct procedure for
this process to be completed.

A/P Council clarify who has authority to release silent key call signs
from the MED database.

Bruce thanked Don for his work as the Administration Liaison Officer.

9/17 AREC National Director

Jeff Sayer ZL2TFZ AREC National Director addressed the meeting with
updates on the following:
Hibiscus Coast has an issue with their Deputy Section Leader Roger Smith
who insists he is unable to pass the exam to become a qualified operator.
ZL1TGC advised that he had on several occasions offered for him to attend
classes at North Shore, however always found a reason he was unable to
attend. Vaughan will continue to work towards Roger achieving a successful
pass. In the meantime, Roger continues to use the Club call sign of the
Hibiscus Coast. Jeff further advised that he is extremely committed and
dedicated to the task and would not like to lose him.
5MHz:Jeff confirmed that the person DXing on this in the Dunedin area has
been advised not to do so.
This could be resolved by removing a sentence from paragraph 5 of the
current policy.
John ZL4QS queried whether this frequency should be removed altogether
from AREC use. Council disapproved stating the allocation of the use of this
particular part of the frequency should remain as it may never be offered
It is also important to note that the use of this frequency is radio type specific
therefore is important to retain.

Trust Document:
Bruce confirmed that the Trust Document was presently with SAR. He
presented to Council an updated document which they had yet to read.
Jeff acknowledged that as at 27th February, SAR is very happy with the
document as presented, however still has to be approved by NZ Police.
Jeff requested that the document as presented be signed in agreement at the
Council meeting.
Bruce advised that until Council had read the updated version no decision
could be confirmed, however Jeff would be advised later in the day of it's
Jeff advised that if a decision was not made at today's meeting other
alternatives would be likely. Bruce commented that at no time had Duncan
Ferner suggested there would be an alternative solution for AREC.
Jeff was happy to be advised by phone later in the day of Council's decision
regarding the Trust Document.
Furthermore, Bruce commented that he was unsure as to why Police and
Maritime had to agree as the agreement was between NZART AREC and
SAR, however has no problem for these external parties seeing it.

Formation of Tauranga Branch
Jeff advised AREC was very disappointed
that Council did not try to stop the disbandment of the AREC section in this
area as they were very active.

Vaughan then read comments from Stuart ZL2TW submitted for the purpose
of the meeting.
Concerns had been brought to Stuarts attention regarding tension between
AREC and NZART Council. Two specific issues were that NZART Council
were 'dragging the chain' on any such trust deed. And secondly that NZART
wants to get hold of the money from SAR.
Stuart reiterates, nothing could be further from Council's mind and many on
Council have indeed served actively with AREC therefore all want what is best
for them.
Vaughan reiterated that relations do need to improved between AREC and
NZART, to the point that AREC wishes to operate independent of NZART.
Jeff confirmed that it was true there has been comments to move away,
however he has and will continue to do so, refused to take this course of

Jeff also raised concern that training cannot occur in AREC as it had not
received funding. ZL2HD asked how we could improve communications. Jeff
advised he is available any time .All agreed that relations need to be

ZL1TGC queried if Daniel Ayers was still in AREC as northern region are in
need of training for those who missed out on the last round. Jeff confirmed he
is and he will get him to respond.

Council moved the following motion:
That funding be approved for the purchase of Radios for AREC use.

Moved ZL1UD Seconded ZL1TGFC Carried

Council agreed to revisit the job description of the National Director.

9/18 5MHz Policy
It was agreed by all to adopt the draft 5MHz policy as presented by
ZL1UD and subject to approval from the AREC National Director.
Moved ZL1UD seconded ZL2UFI Carried
ZL1UD to include in the Council E-Handbook.

9/20 General Business
a) Call Book.
Council considered all possible options to for Call Book production. If there is
to be no call book what else can be given to members. All agreed that there is
a need to include call book listings on the web in pdf format and perhaps in
All agreed that a full Call book would be published in 2010, however the
following motion was put:

That NZART does NOT publish a hard copy Call Book in 2009.
Moved ZL1TGC Seconded ZL2KH Carried

A/P ZL2UFI to prepare an article for Break In and advise ZL3IB

b) Monitoring Service.
Council agreed that Bob Knowles ZL1BAD is the temporary monitoring
service officer. Debby advised that others had also requested a job
description. ZL1TGC requested these be sent to him to follow up further.

c) Letter from Kevin Murphy Reference to FMTAG request.
All agreed that this should be sent directly to FMTAG to consider and report to
Council and ZL1UJG.

d) Vacant Officer Positions
Council acknowledged the following position remain vacant and need to be
advertised to ensure continuity of service to members.
Monitoring Service (permanent position)
FMTAG Chairman
UHF/VHF/ Records, there had been some interest show by three members,
ZL2UGR, ZL2TDF and ZL2DX, to be followed up by Council.

Advertising Officer - ZL2TW had shown some interest in this position once he
leaves Council.
Local Government Liaison Officer - and expression of interest needs to be
placed in Break In ASAP.
ARDF Officer - ZL1TGC advised he is taking 5 boxes of gear to Max
Wheatley ZL2MAX
All agreed once these are finished with that the two sets of equipment be sent
to CARDS and Wellington VHF Group.

A/P ZL1TGC to send a list of ARDF equipment to the Business Manager.

Council agreed that there is no longer a need for this position.
ZL3QH to write to ZL3IB and request he remove this position from all
published listings. Also update the ALO position to include ZL2TLL.

A/P ZL2UFI to review all Officer positions.

All agreed that Officers should be encouraged more by Council to fulfil their
roles. This would ensure better reporting to Council.
All agreed that Officer positions need a full review with the incoming Council.

e) Membership categories
Debby advised she had been asked what the difference between transmitting
and non-transmitting membership is and why there is not a difference in
subscription levies.
Council agreed there is no difference in these two membership categories
apart from voting on transmitting remits. All other privileges apply therefore
the subscription levy remains the same.

Council acknowledged again the reason for ZL2TW's absence and moved the
following motion:
That flowers be sent to the Watchman Family to show our deepest sympathy
for the tragic and untimely death of Stuart's Father. Carried

ZL1TGC advised that NZART needs to get more promotional material for
branches - suggested banners or flags be made available. ZL2KH suggested
that an electronic format of advertising would be beneficial also.

Meeting Closed at 4:10pm

The next Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th April.