Minutes of NZART Council Meeting held on 3820 kHz on Thursday 3rd December 2009

[Roll Call] at 7:55pm [Official Business].8:00pm

7/1 Roll Call

Chairman: Roy Symon, ZL2KH.

Council: ZL1UD Tony Case, ZL1PK Phil King; ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson

ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson, ZL2HD John Andrews, ZL2MAX Max Wheatley

ZL3TNT Ann Fraser, ZL3ADF John Hirtzel

Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen, ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don Wallace,

*(Not present: ZL4QS John Lochhead)*

Min Sec: Topsy ZL2LS

7/2 Apologies

7/3 Confirmation of Minutes November 2009

Moved ZL1TGC 2ND ZL1UD *Confirmed*

7/4 Additional Agenda Items

Suggested Draft FMTAG Procedure

Date next meeting

AREC 5 Meg Frequency Reporting

7/5 Action Points

960:9/12 ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice and then for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment from Mt Cargill. ZL1TGC will email Council with further updates and estimated monthly costs *Ongoing*

Action Points from Monday Council meet Hastings 09

980:1/12 ZL1TGC update to Implementation of Entry Level License Will have proposal for Council for the Face to Face meeting *Ongoing *

Action Points from October Council meet 09

990:6/10 Debby to send Auckland Branch Constitution to Gerry in word Format for him to check over (Nil response from Gerry)

This has been forwarded to Bruce ZL2WP for his comment due to Gerry's illness. *Ongoing*

992:6/13(a) ZL2TDM to report progress of the promotional sub committee at the face to face meeting in February. *Ongoing*

993:6/13 (b) ZL2KH to liaise with the webmaster and consider options for a member's only reflector.

ZL2HD is to talk with Jamie the Web master and then do email round Council with some options and rules. Action point against ZL2HD *Ongoing*

994:6/14 Debby to send WGN VHF Group Constitution to Gerry (Nil response from Gerry)

This has been sent to Bruce ZL2WP also for his legal opinion Debby to inform the VHF Group what is happening *Ongoing*

7/6 Confirmation of New Members November 2009

Moved ZL2HD 2nd ZL3TNT *Confirmed *

7/7 Ratification of November 2009 Payments and Budget be Approved

Moved ZL3ADF 2nd ZL1PK *Budget approved*

* *

7/8 Monthly Reports

a) QSL Bureau monthly report

b) FMTAG Monthly Report

c) AREC Financial report

A and C moved by ZL1UD 2nd by ZL1TGC Adopted

B ZL2HD Interim Recommendations 2nd ZL2AMJ Adopted

7/9 Waikato VHF (81) Branch Constitution

This has also been sent to Bruce ZL2WP by ZL2KH for comment.

7/10 Lack of Call Book- ZL1JW

ZL1TGC moved that the President reply to Branch 21 outlining the reason why there was no call book this year. The branch to be sent a current copy of the call book. The branch is to be advised that it is our intention to produce a call book next year 2nd by ZL2HD

Information regarding call book is to go into HQ Info-line to remind branches of the issues in producing call book this year.

7/11 Examination Supervisor

John Neal ZL2LI Marlborough Branch

Moved ZL1UD 2nd ZL1PK *Carried*

A/P Debby to Notify the Branch of Council's approval for ZL2LI to become and examination supervisor.

7/12 Draft FMTAG Procedure

ZL3TNT moved that the suggested Draft FMTAG Procedure be adopted

2nd by ZL2HD *Carried*

7/13 On Air Council meet Feb 2010

Tuesday 16th February 2010

If possible to have Council Papers for that meeting

7/14 AREC 5Mhz Frequency Reporting

A discussion was held and ZL2KH is to send an e-mail to Jeff Sayer outlining requests and discussion from Council, this to be copied to Councillors

A/P ZL2KH to request AREC ND report on 5Mhz Frequency.


7/16 Leave of Absence


7/17 General Business

ZL1UD Asked if Debby could please be available for the meeting 16th February please Roy to check if this is possible.

ZL1TGC Conference 2010 Report

All going well and running on track

Suggested fundraiser, Amateur Radio Calender.

If anyone has photo's that might be able to be used please email them to Vaughan ZL1TGC, suggested different theme for each month.

ZL2HD spoken with Jamie the Webmaster and the web page has been updated

No further business meeting closed 20.55 hrs

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to all from ZL2KH


Topsy Scott

Minute Secretary