For NZART Council meeting held on 3820 kHz Tuesday 7th April 2009 [Roll
Call] at 7:25pm [Official Business]. 7:30pm

10/1 Roll Call

Chairman: ZL2TW Stuart Watchman

Council: ZL3GR Noel Rowe, ZL1TGC Vaughan Henderson, ZL1UD Tony Case

ZL2KH Roy Symon, ZL2UFI Mark Gooding, ZL2HD John Andrews

ZL3QH Keith Stanton,

ZL4QS John Lochhead

Min Sec: Topsy ZL2LS

Others: ZL3IB John Walker, ZL1BBS Gerry Kilpatrick, ZL2BHF Jim Meachen,
ZL2NN Jamie Pye, ZL2TLL Don Wallace

10/2 Apologies


10/3 Confirmation of Minutes February Face to Face

Moved ZL1UD. 2nd ZL4QS Carried

10/4 Additional Agenda Items

As per itemised

10/5 Action Points

874:FF8/18 ZL4QS IARU Region 3 Conference 2009 updates.

ZL4QS advised that invitations had now been sent out. There may be an issue
with the Secretariat, however have yet to be advised. Ongoing

Actions from December 08 Meeting

955:7/14 ZL3GR to report on updates of APRS Completed

Actions from face to face meeting Feb 2009

957:FF09 ZL4QS to advise in writing what value for dollars a sponsor will 
receive if donating money for the IARU reception to be held at the IARU 
conference in October.

ZL4QS reported that itt is envisaged that NZART will jointly host a
reception at the IARU Conference, with sponsors.

Possible sponsors will be offered a full page black and white only
advertisement in the Break In.

ZL2WP to write two letters inviting the Prime Minister or a representee to
open the conference and Bob Parker to welcome the delegates to Christchurch.

The IARU organising committee is to help Bruce with this.

958:FF09P ZL1TGC to approach the Conference organizing Committee and
Arrange a suitable time to hold a forum on the Foundation Certificate.

959:FF09 ZL3GR/ZL2HD prepare draft document on APRS processes and
circulate to Council. ZL2HD advised this can be dealt with via e-mail

960:9/12 ZL1TGC to approach Kordia to sign the agreement, get an invoice and
them for us to negotiate the price down after removing equipment from Mt

Dunedin has moved some equipment off the site at Mount Cargil. Vaughan is
awaiting response from Kordia reflecting these amendments to Kordia sites.

Vaughan advised that Kordia have been very cordial in their approach to
these matters. Progressing very well. Ongoing

961:9/16 ZL2TDM to request a demo of SMART 3 from MED

962:9/16(a) Council clarify who has authority to release silent key call
signs from the MED database. ZL2TDM to report back after trial period has
been carried out


963:9/20(a) ZL2UFI to prepare an article for Break In and advise ZL3IB
advising that Call book will not be produced in 2009 Complete

964:9/20(d) ZL1TGC to send a list of ARDF equipment to the Business Manager.

Not done as yet, will be done before next council meeting Ongoing

965:9/20(d) ZL2UFI to review all Officer Positions. Ongoing

10/6 Confirmation of New Members March 2009

Moved ZL4QS 2nd ZL1UD Carried

10/7 Ratification of March 2009 Payments

Moved ZL1TGC 2nd ZL3QH Carried

10/8 Monthly Reports

 1) FMTAG recommendations - Nil this month

 2) QSL Bureau - Thanks given to Barry for report

 3) Webmasters report

Both QSL Bureau and Webmaster reports

Moved by Zl2KH2nd ZL1TGC Carried

10/9 Strategic Plan


    To represent the interests of New Zealand Amateur Radio with the NZ
    Administration (Radio Spectrum Management Group of the Ministry of
    Economic Development, MED RSM) and with other official authorities both
    national and international.


   To provide effective liaison with MED RSM on regulatory,
    licensing and spectrum matters.

   To make representation to MED RSM and other organisations to
    ensure the protection of amateur frequency allocations and continued
    improvement in provisions for the Amateur Service.

   To provide technical support with spectrum band planning,
    frequency management, setting of technical standards and other advisory

   To ensure that operating self-discipline and regulation are
    maintained and enhanced.

   To provide legal, regulatory, licensing and other support advice
    for members.

   To maintain communications and dialogue with both national and
    international authorities.

   To assist the RSM in the development of a national position in
    relation to Amateur Radio, and participate by invitation at WRCs as part
    of the NZ delegation.


   To appoint and support an Administration Liaison Officer as a
    point of contact who will advise Council and keep members informed.

   To set up a Frequency Management and Technical Advisory Group to
    prepare band plans, maintain a register of fixed stations, prepare
    drafts and submissions to advise council, publish reports etc

   To obtain expert advice and consultation in presenting the views
    of NZART to MED RSM.

ZL1TGC made comments that NZART is doing well with this and is happy with
the current officer in this role

10/10 Motions dealt with via e-mail

I move that the Conference Guidelines as attached become adopted
and replace the Conference A to Z in the e-Handbook effective 7 April
Moved ZL1UD 17.3.09 Seconded ZL2TW 17.3.09

Bruce ZL2WP
Vaughan ZL1TGC 17.3.09 1
Tony ZL1UD 17.3.09 1
Noel ZL3GR
Roy ZL2KH 17.3.09 1
Mark ZL2UFI 17.3.09 1
John ZL2HD 18.3.09 1
Stuart ZL2TW 17.3.09 1
Keith ZL3QH
John ZL4QS 18.3.09 1
Total 7
Motion passed.

After discussion on this topic an Action Point was against ZL3QH
To consider dispursement of profit made at conferences and do emailing
amongst council for options and consideration

A/P ZL3QH to review the clause regarding Conference profits being shared
between NZART and the Branch

10/11 Kordia Update

Discussed previously

10/12 NZART Council Expenses ZL2KH

ZL2KH Moved that this be adopted as council policy and to take effective
immediately. Seconded 2nd ZL1UD Carried

10/13 Wellington VHF Constitution amendment No further comment

10/14 Tauranga Emergency Communication Group Branch 88 Constitution

Debby sent copy of the constitution to Gerry for him to look over.

10/15 Trustee for NZART AREC Emergency Fund Trust

Bruce is able to set this up with the help of his other work associates at
his law firm. Three trustees to be elected.

This being 

1/ President NZART or his other chosen person
2/ AREC National Director or their appointed person
3/ SAR Representative

Council to think of initial trustees to be appointed ZL2TW to take comments
back to ZL2WP.

10/16 Council Reflector

ZL3QH had some suggestions to go forward here.

1/ Have Council reflector as a google group.
2/ Keep it as it is, but limit it to ZL URL only.
3/ make a closed reflector for councillors only

This affects everyone who has an NZART.org email address.
ZL2KH to put out email to all Councillors for suggestions / comments

10/17 Information Papers

 1) Conference 09 Hawkes Bay update - Council comments thanks for
sending regular information.
 2) Letter from Cathy Purdie - Letter noted by Council
 3) Callbook 2009/2010 ZL2UFI Information only this is already in
Break In, however ZL2UFI noted that the Editor had included this together
with a similar article written by ZL1UD. This article was to have been

10/18 Leave of Absence

ZL2UFI At Branch 42 meeting talking
ZL2TDM No where to go L - but it's ok!

10/19 Meeting with AREC National Director

This is being pursued, however has proven to be difficult in arranging a
suitable time.

10/20 New Councillors

ZL2UFI queried if incoming Councillors receive Council papers and minutes
from May on air meeting

ZL2HD moved that incoming councillors receive papers and minutes for the May
on air meeting and have speaking rights only.

ZL2UFI seconded this. Carried

ZL2KH Moved that the incoming Councillors be added to the Council reflector
from the May on Air meeting ZL4QS seconded this Carried

10/21 General Business

ZL1UD Is reformatting Current policies and will be emailing it out to
councillors next week.

ZL1TGC asking do we do Trade area / table at Conference

ZL2TDM advised there is not that much stock and the availability persons at
Conference to man the display has always been minimal. All agreed that there
would be NO trade display by NZART.

There being no further business meeting closed 20.30 hrs

Minute Secretary

Topsy Scott