Annual General Meeting Minutes

Hastings Opera House
Saturday 30th May 2009



His Worship the Mayor of Hastings Lawrence Yule welcomed us to the Hawkes
Bay and declared the meeting open.

The Chairman of the Conference organising committee Warren Harris ZL2AJ
introduced the keynote speaker Retired Professor of Physics Dr Gary Bold.

Gary entertained us with an in depth study of the `big bang' theory called
the 'Large Hadron Collider' - a particle accelerator built in Switzerland
at a phenomenal cost of 80 billion euros!

Vice President Stuart Watchman ZL2TW, chaired the meeting as Bruce Douglas
ZL2WP was unable to attend due to poor health.

The meeting commenced at 10am after morning tea



Branches: Motueka, Kawerau, Western Suburbs, Westland, South Canterbury,
Kapiti, Otago, Rotorua, Hamilton, Waitomo, Manukau.

Individual Members

Bruce Douglas ZL2WP, Gerard Kilpatrick ZL1BBS, ZL3O, ZL3QR, ZL1TB, ZL2AHB,


    Silent Keys - minute silence

Stuart Watchman ZL2TW paid tribute to our silent keys, acknowledging Bill
Bailey ZL4RW of Otago a Southern District Councillor for many years.


    Confirmation Of Quorum

A quorum of 1151 was required for the meeting to proceed. 1675 transmitting
members were recorded as being present.


    Report On Council Business

Council resolved that subscriptions for 2010 be as follows:

That all membership subscriptions will remain as per 2009, with a $10 early
payment rebate applicable if paid before 31 November 2009.

There will be no rebate on overseas, or student membership categories.

Council is still seeking to appoint a chairman to the Frequency Measuring
Technical Advisory Group and will continue to advertise for a suitable
candidate for this position. There are a number of other Officer positions
that remain vacant and Council urge members to consider them

Council took the opportunity while the WIA President Michael Owen and Peter
Young WIA Director were present to discuss the implementation of an `Entry
Level License'.

Visitors to the meeting included the Break-In Editor John Walker, Peter Lake
IARU Region 3 Director, Don Wallace Administration Liaison Officer, Doug
Ingham and Jeff Sayer, all of whom provided useful input to the meeting.

Don Wallace gave Council a run down on his work involving amateur spectrum
from medium wave up to and including microwaves. As there quite a few
officers in NZART who have varying degrees of contact with the Ministry of
Economic development, the idea was raised and will be implemented
immediately to circulate information among that group electronically
pertaining to Ministry activity.

Doug Ingham will be in Japan attending an Amateur Radio Convention, and has
been invited to speak at the Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
Conference in August - a feather in our cap so to speak - having our
Association represented at international level in this area.

A victory over the North Shore City Council District Plan was advised to
Vaughan Henderson on Wednesday, after three years of discussion and
submissions by Mike Newman our Local Government Liaison Officer on behalf of
amateurs on the North Shore.

The original plan would have been extremely restrictive to even the most
basic of amateur activity. The final plan bears little resemblance to the
original and is now one of the most user friendly for amateurs.

This really has been a major coup. Vaughan has quite an extensive document
and will make it available to anyone on request. The most impressive point
in this long awaited decision was the 227 responses the City Council
received from Amateurs nationwide, which helped raise our awareness in the

Council elected Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC as vice-president of NZART

Presentation of incoming Council Badges

ZL1PK Phil King, ZL2AMJ Fred Johnson, ZL2AL Lee Jennings, ZL3TNT Ann Fraser,
ZL3ADF John Hirtzel

Stuart called all incoming Councillors to the stage to present them with
their white Council badges. This was an opportunity for the meeting to
identify face to face with some of the people they have elected as
caretakers of the Associations business for the next two years.

The Vice Presidents badge was presented to Vaughan ZL1TGC.


    Minutes 2008 AGM- Confirmation

Moved ZL2TLL, seconded ZL3IB Carried


    Annual Accounts

Evan spoke in regard to his annual report and was cautiously confident, that
having forecast a deficit in 2008, financial figures displayed a small
profit. Achieved in the main from donations received for repeaters and
beacons, and the current higher interest rates on term investments.

Evan indicated interest rates in the coming year will be halved due to the
economic climate. His forecast budget will show a small deficit. However
with prudent practices by Council and members this may not impact too much
on reserves. Council decision not to produce call book this year will also
reduce costs.

Evan thanked all members for their continued financial support of the

He then moved his report be accepted, seconded ZL1WT Carried

Evan moved Parsons Roddick be reappointed as the Associations auditors,
seconded ZL3QL. Carried

9 Officers' Reports As Published In Break-In Issues

Officers reports printed in March/April Break In were approved en masse

Moved ZL4QS, seconded ZL2HD Carried

Debby advised there had been a typing error in her figures as published in
Break In. The repeated figures were to be removed. Accepted by the meeting.

11 Remits

Remit 1 North Canterbury Amateur Radio Club Inc

Remit - Transmitting

That in NZART Constitution, Clause 7.3c the words 'but must not admit to
membership any persons who hold a New Zealand Amateur Station License unless
those persons are members of the Association'', be removed.

After considerable discussion this remit was put to the vote,

LOST on a count of votes.

Remit 2 Christchurch Amateur Radio Club Branch 05


    That the National System ceases nightly forwarding of BBS data.

Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ(Wellington VHF spokesperson) called a point of order
as follows:

The NZART annual conference is the incorrect forum to debate this issue.

The National System is owned by its Trustees, not NZART and this matter 
should be properly dealt with by those Trustees.

NZART Council acted correctly in the first instance to refer this matter to
the Trustees forum at the VHF/Technology Convention and it is regrettable that
this continued as a remit.

The Trustees have an existing policy, which covers the subject of this

They have an agreement with BBS owners to forward data overnight. This
subject was dealt with by the Trustees at their forum at the VHF Convention
at Easter. I suggest it would be appropriate for this meeting to hear a
report from them.

It must be noted that any decision reached by this meeting in this matter
will not be binding upon the National System Trustees.
LOST on voices

Remit 3 Christchurch Amateur Radio Club Branch 05
3. That 144.65 be recognised as the national APRS and data frequency.
LOST on voices

Foundation License announcement. - ZL2TW
Michael Owen VK3KI WIA President addressed the meeting on the benefits of
introducing the Foundation License in Australia and the rise in both amateur
radio licensees and the membership of WIA.

The WIA has offered to assist NZART where possible with the introduction of
a Foundation License including the use of their Manual.

Concerns were raised on availability of the right and qualified people to do
the teaching of this entry level license.

Stuart advised that Council was tasked last year at the AGM in Dunedin to
continue investigating the introduction of an entry level qualification.

After considerable discussion Stuart asked the meeting who was in favour of
progressing the introduction of this licence?

The majority responded with Aye, with a small minority voting against.

Stuart confirmed that Council will continue progressing .

Stuart also noted that progress would take time as there is currently a long
list of radio spectrum changes that need to addressed.

More details would be made available at the Forum later on the weekends

Presentation of Rothschild Cup
The Rothschild Cup was presented to Nelson/Hastings branches being 1st equal
with 9 passes each for 2008 year.

12. Fixing Of Venue For 2010 Conference

Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC spoke on behalf of combined Auckland branches
offering to host the 2010 annual conference - this was accepted with

Mark Gooding ZL1UD offered to host the 2011 conference on behalf of Upper
Hutt Branch - again received with applause.

13. Best Examination result

The best examination result was awarded to Gabriel Pearce aged 13 - of
Whangarei Branch.

14. General Business

Arthur (Jumbo) Godfrey Memorial Award for outstanding service to a branch.

ZL2AXY - Jack Devonport from Lower Hutt Branch 18

ZL2AJ - Warren Harris from Napier Branch 25

Stuart recommended to the meeting that life membership be awarded to ZL2SX
David Andrews for his 30 years of service to Council and the Frequency
Management Technical Advisory Group (FMTAG) received with great applause.

15. Stirrers Award

Roy ZL2KH was given the task of seeking likely recipients for the stirrer's
award for this year. A novelty as he himself is usually in contention for
this award.

After careful consideration he awarded it to Topsy (Letitia) Scott ZL2LS for
disrupting the meeting by emptying a box of jaffas at the back of the
theatre causing them to travel noisily to the front.

Before the close of the meeting, Stuart thanked all outgoing Councillors,
calling them forward to present their certificates.

He then presented the gold President's badge to Roy Symon ZL2KH.

He also thanked Debby, Evan and Gerry for assisting him during his time on

He paid special tribute to outgoing President Bruce Douglas, ZL2WP, noting
the tremendous personal cost to his home life and health. Stuart handed the
meeting over to Bruce for his specially recorded farewell message to

Bruce's special message

'While tempting to fold up ones tent and slip quietly off into the night, I
simply could not conclude my 8 years on Council including four years as
President without just a few words.

It has been a privilege and honour to have had as traveling companions,
members, officers and Councilors all clearly with the best interest of NZART
at heart. Without such encouragement and ongoing support no President could
survive when things go 'pear shaped'.

I have been continuously delighted with the support received from individual
Officers. Most simply get on with their task whatever it may be.

Of particular assistance to me have been Doug Ingham ZL2TAR - continuously
assisting with all sorts of MED related issues and even on occasions making
available the use of his QTH for OB purposes. John Walker ZL3IB who has
extended the publication deadlines on more than one occasion when a decision
has to be taken as to which `copy' to go with.

Then of course we have our resident magician Jim Meachen ZL2BHF. There is
but a single 'Magic Wand'' within NZART and it is certainly wielded by the
most appropriate person. Visible to all is the OB and Conference recordings
but the time and energy devoted by Jim in assisting me over the past four
years has been enormous and nothing has ever been too much trouble. No
matter what, Jim always amazes by 'working his magic''.

Another Officer (largely cloaked by invisibility) is Gerry Kilpatrick ZL1BBS
NZART Solicitor. As a lawyer myself I can appreciate the generosity of Gerry
in not only providing me with supportive opinions case-law and precedents to
enable me to ensure appropriate input into Councils decisions. Gerry like
myself for medical reasons will not be at conference so I trust that you
will appreciate that at times while the heart may be willing the body will
be unable.

As an inaugural member of the Business Management Sub-Committee, I was
involved in Debby's appointment as our Business Manager. Even if I do say so
myself, who would deny that her appointment by Council was and inspired

I'm sure that our Aussie mate Michael Owen would have grabbed her for WIA
had the opportunity ever arisen. Debby Morgan ZL2TDM and I have enjoyed a
most amiable working relationship talking to each other almost every day and
I appreciate her interaction with members and dedication to ensuring that HQ
operates effectively and efficiently.

NZART would have become insolvent had pro-active steps to introduce tight
financial constraints not been introduced under the vigilant eye of Evan
Sayer our Treasurer. While acknowledging that expenditure is for Council to
determine he always makes sure that we are aware of the financial
implications of all decisions taken. Evan is a tower of strength to NZART
always approachable and providing a sound reality check.

There are of course many others including my IARU traveling companions Peter
Lake ZL2AZ, John Lochhead ZL4QS and Terry Carrell ZL3QL who so ably assisted
me in an understanding of IARU protocol. I have to say that even as a
Councilor, I had not fully appreciated the true value of representation by
NZART at IARU Trienniums and at World Radio Conferences. I do so now and
encourage all to at least read the regular snippets of IARU activity in
Break In.

Then there is Tony Case ZL1UD, who always is on for a chat about anything
and everything and helped keep me sane even during the most trying of times.

It is however to Dr Stuart Watchman ZL2TW who as my final term Vice
President that I owe the biggest debt of gratitude. Stuart has provided me
with every bit of support requested and more. Frequent contact by e-mail and
telephone, stepping up to the mark occasion after occasion.

Indeed during my recent illness Stuart flew to Wellington, to not only
attend to NZART related matters, but to provide comfort and support to my
wife Marilyn and my daughter Fiona. Well beyond any call of duty but a
measure of the man.

It leaves me now to simply wish Roy Symon ZL2KH all the best for his time as
President. In doing so I trust that he does not have too many bush fires to
put out, just enough to make life interesting.

Well members - thanks for the privilege and I take my leave.

73 Bruce ZL2WP.

The meeting closed at 3:30pm