Presented to the amateurs of New Zealand by Mr Ralph Sangster in 1927. It is NZART’s longest standing amateur contest.

Ralph intended that the shield be awarded annually to the CW station obtaining the highest score in a low power contest.

In this respect it should be pointed out, that in addition to the efficiency of the equipment used, the efficiency of the operator is of the utmost importance.

To win this contest marks an operator as one who not only knows how to obtain the most effectiveness from low power but also one who is most proficient in the art of telegraphic communication.

The Sangster Shield contest for 2022 is being held on Saturday & Sunday 21 & 22 May, between  20:00 – 23:00 NZST each night. Note that operating periods are ½ hr with 6 periods each night.

Sangster Shield Rules

  1. When? Third full weekend of May each year, between the hours of 2000 NZST and 2300 NZST on each evening of Saturday and Sunday. The maximum period of operation will be six hours (12 operating periods).
  2. Power: The output of the transmitter must not exceed 5 Watts PEP. Overseas contestants may use any power up to the maximum permitted by their licence.
  3. Contacts to be CW to CW between New Zealand stations and between New Zealand and overseas stations only.
  4. Band: 80m only.
  5. Contacts
    a. QSOs with any one station are permitted once only each half hour, based on a "complete half hour", e.g. 2000 to 2030; 2031 to 2100 etc.
    b. It is not permissible to claim QSOs with the same station "twice running", i.e. at the end of one half hour period and at the beginning of the next, unless a different station is contacted by one of the two stations between QSO's, or a time delay of at least 5 minutes elapses between QSO's.
  6. All New Zealand entrants must be financial members of NZART, except for first time entrants for the Transistor Trophy who have been licensed for less than 1 year.
  7. All Radio Regulations must be observed.
  8. Logs
    a. A4 size paper or NZART log sheets. The Contest Manager will also accept emailed entries. Logs and summary sheets must be sent as attachments and can be in plain text, MSWord or Excel formats.
    (NZART Station Log sheet template can be found here under NZART forms)
    b. Data in this order:-Date, Time, Contacted Station Callsign, Exchange Sent, Exchange Received, Points Claimed.
    c. ON A SEPARATE SHEET a summary to show:
      i. Entrant's callsign, name and address in BLOCK LETTERS.
      ii. Number of contacts with New Zealand stations.
      iii. Number of contacts with Overseas stations.
      iv. List of different branches worked with the number of each branch plus the callsign of the station claimed for that branch.
      v. Total score. - (total points multiplied by the number of branches worked)
      vi. Description of equipment, antenna and output power used.
      vii. State which Section of the contest is being entered. See §13. Awards. - Note that all entrants (except those submitting check logs only) will qualify for the Sangster Shield Open Section.
      viii. Signed declaration that all contest rules have been observed.
      ix. If acceptable please provide your email address to allow the Manager to easily communicate if there are any issues to clarify, advise the placings list etc. Please note that the Contest Manager will not enter into correspondence with Contestants once the results have been published.
      x. Comments on incidents, band conditions or other observations are encouraged.
  9. Exchange system
    a. RST followed by contact serial number beginning at 001 followed by branch number e.g. 569 001 11. Indicating a 569 report; first contact and branch 11.
    b. Overseas stations are required to give RST plus a contest serial number beginning at 001. e.g. 569 001
    For New Zealand Contestants:
      a. New Zealand to Overseas with full exchange - 10 points.
      b. New Zealand to New Zealand with full exchange - 5 points.
    For Overseas Contestants:
      Overseas to New Zealand with relevant exchange - 10 points.
    General – For All Contestants:
      a. Final score is total points multiplied by the Number of Branches worked.
      b. Contacts with stations giving a Contestant's own Branch are OK for contact points but are not to be counted as a multiplier.
  11. Mobile or Mobile/Portable operation will be permitted for New Zealand stations, however, the station must be operated from ONE LOCATION each evening.
  12. Discounted Contacts: The Contest Manager expects that participating stations will provide a fair chance for all entrants to make contact with them. While it is not intended to discourage contestants from operating only part of the full contest it is considered that at least 20 contacts should be made and station operation should be over at least 3 half hour operating periods for full credit. Stations considered to have worked less than this requirement will have their branch multiplier contribution deducted from contest logs & may also have their contacts deleted if, in the Contest Manager’s opinion, they have favoured some entrants at the expense of others.
  13. Awards
    a. SANGSTER SHIELD OPEN SECTION: to the highest scoring entrant observing the rules as enumerated. (Note that all entrants qualifying for the Transistor Trophy or Arthur Stevens Trophy will also be eligible for the Sangster Shield Open Section).
    b. TRANSISTOR TROPHY: to the highest scoring entrant observing the rules as enumerated who is entering the contest for the first time. Entrants who are not NZART members must give their Operator's Certificate number together with date of issue to show they have not been licensed for more than 1 year.
    c. The "ARTHUR STEVENS (SOUTH ISLAND) TROPHY" will be presented to the highest scoring South Island entrant.. (This trophy is in honour of Arthur, formerly ZL1MT, a long time stalwart of the Sangster Shield Contest).
    d. Certificates to the first three highest scoring entrants in the Sangster Shield Open Section, the Transistor Trophy and the Arthur Stevens (South Island) Trophy.
    e. Certificates to Overseas entrants with the highest score in their respective call areas. e.g. VK2, VK7
    f. TONY FLETCHER (ZL2ALJ) MEMORIAL TROPHY to the branch with the highest aggregate score from a minimum of three entrants. The top three scoring entrants for any Branch will automatically be aggregated - it is not necessary for a Branch to send in an entry for this section.

    From 2015 this Branch Trophy replaced the former certificate and takes the form of an engraved miniature commemorative plaque awarded to the winning Branch. This award is funded by Wellington Branch 50 from a bequest from the estate of long time Sangster Shield contestant Tony Fletcher, ZL2ALJ (SK).
  14. Logs must be posted or emailed (see §8. Logs) to reach the Contest Manager, Glenn Kingston ZL2KZ, 53 Tannadyce Street, Wellington 6022, on or before the fourth Saturday after the contest. Emailed logs to be sent to by the same date.

Last Updated: 16 October 2021