Rules for all NZART Awards

  1. NZART stresses the "honour system". Award applicants do not have to hold QSL cards for claimed contacts. It is sufficient to merely certify that the QSO was legitimately made. This rule applies to all NZART sponsored awards.
  2. QSOs made by IRLP, Echolink, or other web-based communication are not acceptable for any award. All QSOs must be by two-way conversation made by radio.
  3. Cross-band operation is not acceptable for any awards.
  4. Repeater QSOs are valid only when specifically stated in the individual award rules.
  5. Awards are open to SWL (shortwave listeners) as well as amateur radio operators.

Applying for NZART Awards

When applying for any award please observe the following:

  1. PRINT your name, address and callsign.
  2. Clearly state which award and endorsements you are applying for. Endorsements for single mode or band etc. are usually only provided if the applicant requests them.
  3. Supply a checking log sheet with the callsigns, date of each QSO, mode, band,and any other information required for the award. Excel files are preferred but scanned copies, paper, pdf, or other files are acceptable.
  4. You can apply for awards by email to and pay via PayPal to the same address. Or you can post applications to The NZART Awards Manager, PO BOX 1733, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand.

Application check sheet log forms

Log Sheets are available from the NZART Awards Manager by emailing Most of them are also linked in the various award pages on this website.

Cost of Awards

  • ZL applicants - all award certificates cost $ 5.00 NZD
  • Overseas applicants - all award certificates cost 6.00 in USD, Euros, or AUD.

The cost includes postage and envelope.

Certificates can be provided as an emailed .pdf file that you can print at home or at a photo-centre rather than having a printed certificate sent to you by post. For ZL applicants an emailed .pdf file award certificate costs $3.00 NZD. For overseas applicants an emailed .pdf file
award certificate costs $4.00 in USD, Euros, or AUD.

Endorsements made at the same time as an award application are free. For other endorsements, New Zealand stationsplease send a SASE envelope or
include a payment of $1.50 to cover postage. Overseas stations please include a payment of $ 3.00 USD, Euro or AUD.

New Zealand, US, and Australian dollars, and Euros are accepted with the application. Other currencies are not accepted. Payment can be made via PayPal to Cheques, Credit Cards, IRCs, and Stamps are not accepted.